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Google Maps and Search Updates Make Sustainable Travel Easier to Choose

Google Maps and Search Updates Make Sustainable Travel Easier to Choose

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New updates to Google Maps and Search aim to make sustainable travel choices easier for users.

The update to Maps will show public transit and walking route options alongside driving directions in select cities, allowing users to compare travel times and choose greener options. This feature will be available in over fifteen cities around the world.

Search is also being improved to help users find long-distance train and bus routes. Searching for “Boston to Philadelphia train” will now display schedules, ticket prices, and booking links directly on the results page. This feature is currently available for trains in 38 countries and buses in 15.

Additionally, Google Flights will now display train route suggestions alongside flight options, making it easier for users to compare sustainable travel options regardless of their starting point.

For flights where flying is the only viable option, Google Flights will continue to display estimated emissions for each flight, allowing users to choose lower-emitting options. These emission estimates are powered by the Travel Impact Model (TIM), which Google makes available to developers through an API, a Google Sheets add-on, and a website calculator.

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These updates represent a step towards more sustainable travel by giving users the information they need to make eco-friendly choices.

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