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Green Worldwide Shipping Expands Sustainability Solutions for Supply Chains

Green Worldwide Shipping Expands Sustainability Solutions for Supply Chains

Unique partnership provides the most extensive environmental and human rights solutions for international shippers

Green Worldwide Shipping® (Green), a leading provider of international logistics and customs compliance, and The Uplift Agency (Uplift), a sustainability and social impact consulting firm, are proud to announce a strategic partnership that will help U.S. companies improve the sustainability of their direct operations and global supply chains.

Currently, corporations patch together consulting firms, tech, and multiple external vendors to advance their environmental, social impact, and governance (ESG) goals. Through this partnership, which brings together two businesses with complementary expertise and state-of-the-art technology, companies are now able to streamline solutions and accelerate reaching their sustainability goals.

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“Increasingly, our customers want to reduce their environmental and human rights risks across their enterprise, but it’s notoriously difficult to manage — especially in the supply chain,” said Thomas Jorgensen, president & chief executive officer of Green Worldwide Shipping®. “As a technologically advanced, global transportation & logistics provider, we already bring a unique perspective and supply chain insights for international businesses. Now, with the addition of Uplift’s ESG consulting expertise, we can offer customers the most extensive sustainability services in our industry.”

Uplift and Green will provide customers with access to sustainability experts, trade lane solutions, and comprehensive consulting. This includes:

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions tracking, management, reduction, and target-setting services including access to Green’s new software, which simplifies a company’s efforts to map, measure, and mitigate their Scope 3 transportation GHG emissions.
  • Sustainable supply chain design and optimization through improved routes, biofuel and electric options, and certified carbon offsets.
  • Human rights due diligence implementation through supply chain data collection, risk mapping, policies, and codes of conduct.
  • Human rights compliance with current and forthcoming international and U.S. law and disclosures required by various stakeholders, such as investor groups and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • ESG and environmental strategy including materiality assessment and plans to reduce energy use, water, waste, emissions, and biodiversity impacts.
  • ESG and sustainability communications and reporting including building sustainable brand narratives, communications materials, and sustainability and carbon disclosure reports.

“Working together, we have a tremendous opportunity to help companies at every stage of their sustainable business journey,” said Corinne Graper, chief executive officer of The Uplift Agency. “By combining Green Worldwide’s cutting-edge technology that maps and manages Scope 3 transportation emissions with Uplift’s sustainability consulting, companies with large supply chain footprints will have a singular solution to help them track, mitigate, and communicate their sustainability performance.”

Scope 3 emissions — those in a company’s supply chain — can make up the largest portion of an organization’s total emission impact. Through this comprehensive partnership, companies are now able to improve their environmental and social impacts in one coordinated strategy.

Source: PRNewswire


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