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House Select Committee on Climate Welcomes LongPath Testimony on Methane Measurement and Technology Innovation in the Energy Sector

House Select Committee on Climate Welcomes LongPath Testimony on Methane Measurement and Technology Innovation in the Energy Sector

LongPath Technologies co-founder and VP of Product and Markets, Dr. Caroline Alden, recently provided testimony on methane measurement operations and benefits before the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

“If we recognize and align the incentives of policymakers, climate advocates and the oil and gas industry, we can ensure that the United States is providing the American people and our nation’s allies with the cleanest natural gas in the world,” said Alden.

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“To accomplish this, regulations need to encourage the use of new and innovative technologies, such as the continuous monitoring system provided by LongPath, and EPA should incorporate a matrix within its pending oil and gas methane rule that allows for technology neutral choices by operators,” Alden told the committee.

ongPath provides operators with multiple per day full-site-coverage (facility-wide) emissions measurements to operators, catching leaks of all sizes in real-time. LongPath’s large-scale networks of laser sensors (akin to a basin-wide methane radar) provide scalable and accurate data for rapid emissions mitigation and ESG/RSG accounting.

Alden offered the committee several key factors to consider as policies are advanced to improve methane measurement and emissions reductions. “Methane monitoring saves costs for operators, drives energy efficiencies in the market and creates jobs.” “The United States is the world leader in development and application of methane monitoring technologies. Policy makers should recognize this leadership role and ensure new policies do not limit the application of newer more innovative measurement systems,” said Alden. “The federal government should invest in processes to ensure that new technologies are rapidly certified as compliant for use by operators and,” Alden noted, “continuous monitoring provides high frequency emission readings, allowing for rapid fixing of leaks – which is a shared objective of policy makers, community interests and the oil and natural gas industry.”

A link to the testimony can be found on the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis web page: https://climatecrisis.house.gov/committee-activity/hearings/cutting-methane-pollution-safeguarding-health-creating-jobs-and-0

Source: PRNewswire


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