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IBM Envizi Enhances ESG Planning and Forecasting with AI

IBM Envizi Enhances ESG Planning and Forecasting with AI

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Responding to growing climate disclosure needs, a recent update to the IBM® Envizi™ ESG Suite empowers businesses to effectively manage their path towards emissions reduction targets. Announced on May 21st, 2024, this enhancement integrates Envizi’s robust ESG data model with IBM’s established planning and forecasting suite, IBM Planning Analytics.

Combining Industry Leaders for Holistic Sustainability Management

This integration offers Envizi customers a powerful combination:

  • Dedicated ESG data management and reporting from Envizi’s comprehensive suite.
  • Sophisticated AI-infused planning and forecasting capabilities from IBM Planning Analytics.

Collaborative Planning with Robust ESG Data

Envizi’s custom-designed ESG data foundation fuels data capture, greenhouse gas (GHG) calculation, analysis, and reporting. This solution seamlessly integrates Envizi’s data with Planning Analytics, enabling:

  • Complex modeling and forecasting using multiple variables and what-if scenarios.
  • Daily data updates for continual analysis based on the latest information.
  • Pre-built planning templates specifically designed to track and analyze GHG emissions reduction trajectories.

AI-powered Optimization and User Confidence

Planning Analytics leverages AI to automate tasks and suggest optimal machine learning models, while still allowing for user overrides. Transparent calculations ensure user confidence within this collaborative planning and analysis environment.

Comprehensive Sustainability Support

As sustainability goals become more prominent, IBM Envizi offers a complete solution for organizations on their sustainability journey. Envizi supports every step, from initial ESG data capture to planning, forecasting, reporting, and ultimately, performance improvement.

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Enhanced Sustainability Planning with Envizi’s New Offering

This update to Envizi coincides with significant improvements to its ESG reporting capabilities, including expanded functionality for CSRD reporting. Businesses can leverage the new Planning Analytics add-on within Envizi to streamline and enhance their overall sustainability planning efforts.


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