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IBM Releases IBM Impact Report 2022

IBM Releases IBM Impact Report 2022

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IBM announced the release of its 2022 IBM Impact report, which includes the company’s information about its environmental, social and governance efforts.

In 2022, IBM launched the IBM Impact framework -its strategy on ESG- with its Environmental Impact, Equitable Impact, and Ethical Impact pillars that reflect IBM’s achievements, and strategies to build a future that is more sustainable, equitable, and ethical.

Highlights from the 2022 IBM Impact report include:

  • IBM exceeded our target to train 1,000 ecosystem partners in technology ethics. We are also launching a new commitment to train 1,000 suppliers in technology ethics by 2025.
  • We are making progress on our commitment to invest $250 million in IBM’s skills-first transformation with a focus on multiple pathways to employment. We have hired over 900 apprentices through our apprenticeship program in the U.S. and more than 90% of past program graduates have become full-time IBM employees.
  • Advancing on our goal to skill 30 million people by 2030,  over 7 million learners have enrolled in free IBM courses through our combined education initiatives. For example, we are collaborating with over 20 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) on IBM Cybersecurity Leadership Centers.
  • IBM’s diversity practices have resulted in a year-over-year increase in representation for women globally and Black, Hispanic, Native American and Pan-Asian employees in the U.S.
  • IBM made progress towards our goal of net-zero operational greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In 2021, we reported a 61.6% reduction in emissions since 2010. Over the last two years, IBM completed a total of 1,455 energy conservation projects. As a result of the conservation projects implemented in 2022, we avoided 71,000 MWh of energy consumption and 25,600 metric tons of COemissions.
  • IBM diverted 93.8% (by weight) of IBM’s total nonhazardous waste from landfill or incineration.

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“While we are proud of the progress we have made, we are mindful that advancing our environmental, social, and governance goals is a continuous journey of improvement,” said Arvind Krishna, IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “I am always inspired by IBMers’ constant dedication to this essential work and their pursuit of a better future for all.”

As a 111 year-old-company, IBM has a long history of commitments that align business goals with broader societal and environmental impact. For example, IBM’s first environmental report was released in 1990, and the company has championed diverse hiring practices for more than 50 years. 


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