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ISC High Performance 2022: Liqid Introduces EMEA Attendees to Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure for a More Flexible, Sustainable Data Center

ISC High Performance 2022: Liqid Introduces EMEA Attendees to Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure for a More Flexible, Sustainable Data Center

Liqid Demonstrates Liqid Matrix™ CDI software as the International Supercomputing Conference Returns, Delivering Adaptive, Efficient, Software-defined Infrastructure Performance

Liqid, the world’s leading software company delivering data center composability, announced today it is taking part in ISC High Performance 2022 (booth #B211), providing live demonstrations of the company’s Liqid Matrix™ composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) software. Dynamic infrastructure orchestration from Liqid delivers improved IT performance and agility for the most demanding next-gen applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI+ML), edge computing deployments, high-performance computing, and virtualization. Increased efficiency helps minimize the data center footprint, delivering software-defined ability to share resources no matter where they physically reside, making Liqid solutions fundamental to a more sustainable data center ecosystem. Available today for customers in the Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA) region, solutions based on Liqid Matrix CDI software deliver architectural flexibility and efficiency to maximize time-to-value for high-value applications across industry verticals.

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“AI applications, edge data center deployments reading multiple streams of sensor data, HPC-driven genomic research, and even more traditional software deployments like virtualization are taxing traditional data center infrastructures, increasingly making them neither practical nor sustainable,” said Paul Silver, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Liqid. “We’re excited to be able to bring our composable solutions to ISC High Performance attendees and the wider EMEA market to help better address the sea changes taking place in the data center ecosystems.”

Liqid Matrix software enables IT users to configure bare-metal servers in seconds. With Liqid Matrix, independent resource pools are orchestrated on-demand to instantly address the requirements of the specific workload. Once the workload is complete, resources are released back into the pool for use by other applications. This eliminates the need for costly overprovisioning of infrastructure, reduces power and cooling requirements, and enables the most efficient and sustainable data center architectures.

Liqid offers EMEA customers a cost-effective way to disaggregate and pool data center resources at large scale via software, across all industry-standard fabrics, for dynamically configurable, bare-metal servers. With composable disaggregated infrastructure solutions from Liqid, IT users can:

  • Accelerate Time-to-Value: Dynamically configure servers in seconds to meet exacting workload requirements. Create configurations that aggregate the power of dozens of GPUs and other accelerators as required.
  • Improve IT Agility: Scale resources like compute, networking, NVMe storage, GPU, FPGA, and storage-class memory beyond a server’s physical limitations, across all industry-standard fabrics, with just a couple of clicks; when data center devices are no longer needed, they are released back to the pool to be used by other applications. Leverage Liqid Command Center’s RESTful API and integrations with popular tools like Ansible to automate the provisioning of bare‐metal resources.
  • Increase Efficiency: Only purchase resources when they’re needed. Extend the life cycle of existing IT server investments. Better manage costs associated with data center footprint with greater infrastructure utilization.

“Liqid is a company that offers a flexible, software-defined infrastructure designed to optimize the access and usage of high-value IT components. Liqid has worked to create what it called ‘composable disaggregated infrastructure’ that frees IT users from vendor lock-in and traditional purchasing cycles, enabling them to build a living data center architecture that changes to meet their business needs and scales as required,” wrote senior analyst Scott Sinclair and senior research analyst Moya Keane of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget, in a recent ESG Showcase. “A composable infrastructure provides significant improvements to performance, architectural optimization, hardware utilization issues, and, importantly, footprint efficiency—basically eliminating the urge to overprovision.”

To download ESG’s “Why IT Must Prioritize Sustainability,” go here. Schedule an appointment with an expert on solutions based on Liqid Matrix CDI software and set up a free infrastructure evaluation by going here. Follow Liqid on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest Liqid news and industry insights.

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