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Jake Ayers Elected Hogansville Mayor Stankiewicz out after two terms

Elected Mayor plans to improve the city through infrastructure upgrades and public-private partnerships to provide equal internet access and opportunities for all citizens

Jake Ayers, the newly elected mayor for Hogansville, wins the election against two-term mayor Stankiewicz. While in office, Ayers’ term will be focused around improving the town and the people who live in it through public-private partnerships, transparency, and infrastructure upgrades. Ayers announced his candidacy in early summer and has continued to share his vision and plans for his tenure as Mayor. His goals for the mayoral office include:

Public/Private Partnerships

Ayers’ professional connections, networking ability, and negotiation skills honed through his years as a successful real estate agent will be key to his success at bringing outside opportunities, grant money, and public/private partnerships to Hogansville. His goal is to bring an influx of financial and in-kind support from a variety of sectors in order to provide improvements across the city.

Trust & Transparency

“Hogansville residents deserve to know where their tax money is going. I will make sure the Mayor’s Office provides regular updates about both planned and existing expenditures as well as make the ledgers accessible to public scrutiny,” says Ayers.

Infrastructure Upgrade

For any company or individual to be successful in the modern era they need strong and consistent WiFi. The disparity in internet access throughout Hogansville is shameful and needs to be addressed through forthright conversations with the internet provider. Ayers will work diligently to ensure they install the latest-grade technology so all citizens can access the internet.

Similarly, the inconsistencies with utility bills need to be investigated and Ayers, who has himself been a victim of extreme increases due to faulty meter reading, will uncover every stone to identify the source of the problem.

“Hogansville deserves to be heard and as Mayor, I am determined to make that happen,” says Jake Ayers, mayoral candidate for Hogansville “I plan to make the mayor’s office one of the most approachable and accessible public offices in the state so that residents know they have someone on their side.”


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