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Janee Griffin Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas


Janee Griffin Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas


Janee Griffin, Founder Equity Space Alliance (00:00):

My name is Janee Griffin, the commercializer. And, um, I am the Founder and Chair of the Equity Space Alliance. Yeah, so the equity space Alliance is really a, um, Alliance of organizations that are coming together to pull all their resources, to make space equitable. So the EarthX Expo and the BFI Summit are extremely important as it pertains to getting people knowledgeable about all of the new and innovative ideas that are working within the industry or new trends that are coming up, that people are seeing as the industry is growing. I think it’s important that they understand where these things are coming from, how they’re, you know, coming to life and then how they can actually get involved in it. And so learning from all of the amazing panel members about the work and the projects that they’re doing allows us to really understand how the industry is growing and what our role will be in it and how we can actually, um, uh, what’s the word I wanna use?

Janee Griffin, Founder Equity Space Alliance (01:02):

Oh, how we can actually become more, uh, helpful in ensuring that, you know, all the SDGs <laugh> are, are actually, uh, met, um, with that, with that criteria. So, yes. So in order to, um, become a part of the equity space Alliance, you can reach out to me at, um, [email protected] Or you can reach out to me at jgequityspacealliance.com. Um, we are on social media platforms, equity in space. Um, and if you are someone who is interested in learning more about the space economy, if you have communities that you want to get educated on, where some of the resources are that can allow them to learn more about the space economy and to get in engaged in the space economy, then come see us. My name’s Janee Griffin, the Commercializer, and you’re watching ESG news.

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