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Joseph Weinberg CEO of PayCase with Matt Bird at World Economic Forum | ESG News – Davos, Switzerland

Joseph Weinberg CEO of PayCase with Matt Bird at World Economic Forum | ESG News – Davos, Switzerland

Joseph Weinberg, CEO of Paycase with Matt Bird at World Economic Forum (DAVOS)


  • Created the worlds first blockchain legislation in Bermuda
  • Shyft set to onboard over 150 enterprise clients in the next year


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Joseph Weinberg, CEO of Paycase interview with Matt Bird

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 00:00    

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show broadcasting a worldwide on Equities.com. I’m your host Matt bird. We’re here in Davos, Switzerland covering the 2019 World Economic Forum. My next guest is Joseph Weinberg. Joseph is the CEO and co-founder of PayCase and chairman of Shyft. Joseph, welcome to the show. 

Joseph Weinberg (CEO/Co-Founder,PayCase):00:13

Thank you. Thanks for having me. It’s good to see you. 

Matt Bird (Show Host,Traders Network Show): 00:20

So, you know, you’ve done so many things. What I’d like to do is kind of start and talk about how you guys have changed the enterprise level blockchain industry. You know, in 2018 you were on the scene you left here with a deal improper with the country of Bermuda, which led to the world’s first blockchain legislation. From that point, everything’s cascaded for you and you’ve gone from one country to the next, to the next. Tell us a little bit about what you’ve been doing.

Joseph Weinberg (CEO/Co-Founder,PayCase):   00:49    

Yeah, so actually, I’ll start here in Davos. As we met the premier Bermuda, the Monday following, you know, we ended up in Bermuda within three months, we had structured the first formal legislation that was passed through law which kind of set the global standard for what regulation and the cryptocurrency and blockchain space would actually come to be. And that kind of really accelerated, I think, the newest recommendations by the G seven and G 20 written and kind of starting to be pushed forward from the OECD as well.

Matt Bird (Show Host,Traders Network Show):01:17    

That’s incredible. And you guys have actually, you’re in the process of the point in the Eid, so listen there. Some of your partners in that are BurstIQ and who else?

Joseph Weinberg (CEO/Co-Founder,PayCase):   01:27    

SALT lending is an indirect partner, BurstIQ, Trunomi as well as our joint venture partner, variety of others. 

Matt Bird (Show Host,Traders Network Show): 01:33

Excellent. Excellent. So, some of the other countries that you’ve, you’re partnered up with right now. 

Joseph Weinberg (CEO/Co-Founder,PayCase): 01:36

Yeah, Mauritius has been a big focus for us as we’re working out with central bank. Beautiful place. It is. Absolutely. And they’ve just also passed some of the most probably progressive laws similar to the legislation that we’d done in Bermuda. So, in a variety of others, I feel in a way. 

Matt Bird (Show Host,Traders Network Show): 01:47

So, from last year to this year, what do you see as far as change on the street? Because there’s been a huge cultural shift from, what’s happened obviously with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and we’re seeing that here on the street. Absolutely. Tell us a little bit about that. 

Joseph Weinberg (CEO/Co-Founder,PayCase):02:05     

I think it’s a good thing. I’ve been in Bitcoin since 2010, right? So, before Bitcoin was, you know, well known by most people and I think that this is really what we call this innovation or build phases. And so, you have this slowdown in excitement, but this acceleration in development and I think that’s the most important thing. You need people to actually build. And we’re still a very early ecosystem. You know, the internet took 20 years so.

Matt Bird (Show Host,Traders Network Show): 02:23

We have to cut to a commercial break pretty soon, but what’s next for Shyft? 

Joseph Weinberg (CEO/Co-Founder,PayCase): 02:26

So, we’re launching our main network the end of March. We’ll be onboarding 150 enterprise clients from institutional exchanges, government, central bank securities commissions the OCD in partnership and other stuff.

Matt Bird (Show Host,Traders Network Show):02:37    

That’s amazing. Well, this is Joseph Weinberg, everybody. We’re going to be right back at this commercial message. Special thanks to SALT lending and the Russia house for hosting us here. We’ll be right back, don’t go away.


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