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KBR Launches Ammonia 10,000 to Meet Future Sustainable Energy and Fertilizer Demands

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KBR Launches Ammonia 10,000 to Meet Future Sustainable Energy and Fertilizer Demands

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KBR announced the launch of its mega 10,000 MTPD blue and green ammonia offering to help meet the growing global sustainable energy and fertilizer demands of today and the future. 

The new offering leverages KBR’s proven leadership in capacity scale-up and integrates the company’s robust implemented designs with advanced digital technologies to provide owners the reliability, flexibility and scale required to deliver clean ammonia and hydrogen demands for energy transition.

“We are truly excited to launch our mega ammonia technology for the green hydrogen and ammonia space,” said Doug Kelly, KBR president of Technology. “Given the projected volumes for green hydrogen and ammonia, capacity scale will play a defining role in helping owners implement projects with favorable economics, and we are confident mega plants will allow our clients to realize attractive returns on their low-carbon hydrogen investments.”

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Ammonia is increasingly viewed as a primary enabler of a renewable hydrogen energy economy.  Global demand for clean ammonia is projected to grow exponentially based on anticipated use in power generation and marine transport, making larger production facilities increasingly attractive. 

KBR is the world leader in ammonia technology, with around 50% share of licensed capacity. The company holds industry records for the largest capacity plants with a single converter, best energy efficiency and longest runs without shutdowns. KBR was the first to bring a 6,000 MPTD clean ammonia design to the market, and this new offering is a continuation of that innovation to deliver a net-zero hydrogen energy future. Since 1943, KBR has licensed, engineered or constructed 252 grassroots ammonia plants worldwide.

Source: KBR

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