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KiloVault Introduces DIY All-in-one Solar Ready Energy Storage System for Off-Grid Living

KiloVault Introduces DIY All-in-one Solar Ready Energy Storage System for Off-Grid Living

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Revolutionary KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom Provides Sustainable and Independent Energy Solutions to Off-Grid Homeowners

KiloVault, a leader in renewable energy solutions unveiled its groundbreaking new energy system for off-grid living – the Uniti EcoFreedom. Designed for individuals seeking a sustainable and independent lifestyle, the Uniti EcoFreedom is a powerful off-grid energy storage system that provides reliable energy solutions for a variety of needs.

At the core of the Uniti EcoFreedom system lies cutting-edge battery technology. This advanced battery ensures safety, longevity, and allows for deep energy cycling, making it an ideal choice for powering homes, cabins and spaces off the grid.

One of the standout features of the Uniti EcoFreedom is its unique all-in-one, pre-wired design. the Uniti EcoFreedom slashes installation and setup time, saving users valuable days. Unlike other energy storage solutions, the EcoFreedom system is divided into easily movable sections, enabling a single person to transport and assemble the components without the need for specialized tools or equipment.

Sascha Deri, CEO of KiloVault said,

“One of the biggest challenges off-grid homeowners face is finding a safe, reliable energy source that doesn’t require hiring multiple professionals and hours – and more likely days – of setup time,”

He added,

“With Uniti EcoFreedom, we’re giving customers the ability to live off the grid while reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources and expense of hired labor to install multiple components. Assembled in the USA, the Uniti EcoFreedom enables anyone to enjoy the freedom of sustainable off-grid living without sacrificing comfort or convenience.”

The Uniti EcoFreedom is complemented by an integrated solar charge controller, ensuring efficient and effective battery charging while optimizing round-trip energy efficiency. Its included inverter allows for high-power discharge rates, ensuring optimal utilization of stored energy. Its integrated breakers saves the expense and headache of wiring an additional breaker box, enabling the homeowner the option to run their electric circuits directly into the Uniti.

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With the ability to run appliances and devices such as LED bulbs, phones, laptops, TVs, tools, heating and cooling systems, the Uniti EcoFreedom provides versatile energy support tailored to full energy independence lifestyle.

KiloVault is committed to the environment and the well-being of future generations. By investing in the Uniti EcoFreedom, users are not only securing their energy independence but also contributing to a greener planet. The Uniti EcoFreedom is proudly assembled and rigorously tested in the United States, reflecting KiloVault’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

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