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Land to Market Reaches 3.5M Acres Monitored

Land to Market Reaches 3.5M Acres Monitored

Land to Market, the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture and the only outcomes-based verification on the market today, has increased the amount of grasslands it monitors by 40% in less than a year. The milestone was reached in advance of World Soil Day, December 5, 2022. Through their work with The Savory Institute, the team is now monitoring over 3.5 million acres worldwide using Ecological Outcome Verification, a scientific data collection and protocol that gives the land a voice of its own by tracking criteria such as soil health, water infiltration rates, biodiversity, sequestered carbon, and ecosystem function.

Land to Market Verified Regenerative
Land to Market Verified Regenerative

Serving as a consultancy for creating regeneratively sourced goods, the Land to Market team supports producers that are actively rebuilding topsoil and receiving net-positive environmental outcomes and connects them with changemaker brands that can use their raw materials, such as leather, wool, meat, and dairy. Products produced from these relationships are then verified regenerative with the Land to Market seal to increase transparency for consumers.

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Land to Market is currently working with 80+ brand members in the food, fashion, and health & wellness categories, including EPIC Provisions, Applegate, FOND Bone Broth, Alec’s Ice Cream, Serenity Kids, UGG, Eileen Fisher, Summer Solace, and more. These apparel and CPG companies, ranging from small, forward-facing brands to multinational corporations, are allowing Land to Market to innovate their supply chain to be better for the environment and help them meet aggressive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals through net zero impact sourcing and emerging Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) regulations. To date, Land to Market has verified over 1,000 products.

Said Chris Kerston, Co-CEO, “With soil health rapidly deteriorating, it’s crucial that we look beyond sustainability and maintaining the status quo. Producers stewarding their land to achieve regenerative outcomes can change our planet’s trajectory and be the heroes of our story. Through our Land to Market verified seal and all that goes into it, we’re supporting these producers, helping brands source more responsibly, and giving consumers the choice to truly vote with their dollars on environmental impact.”

For more information, visit LandtoMarket.com.

Source: Land to Market


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