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Made in Canada solution to ESG tracking and reporting

Made in Canada solution to ESG tracking and reporting

Built from the ground up by Canadians, for Canadian businesses

GreenWorks Environmental Partnership (CNW Group/GreenWorks Environmental Partnership)

GreenWorks Environmental Partnership (“GreenWorks ESG”), a Canadian tech startup, has developed a new solution that streamlines and simplifies how companies manage their ESG data and disclosure by connecting them with a centralized Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and data management platform.

GreenWorks ESG software is designed to track, manage, aggregate and validate ESG activities throughout a company’s operation and supply chain to address issues that are top-of-mind today for their investors and stakeholders. By implementing industry-leading technology, including materiality assessments and gap analysis, companies can define the purpose of their business while demonstrating their achievements through tangible facts. This can effectively improve transparency with stakeholders as well as their ESG agency ratings.

While many environmental, social and governance targets are being woven into business plans, few companies have the time or resources to build a comprehensive report with quantitative facts.

“Canadian business excels on a global stage in their commitments, but confusion around getting reporting ‘right’ is a concern many organizations share,” says Demian Newman, President and CEO of GreenWorks ESG. “Two years of market research went into building a product specifically designed to make gathering and reporting of ESG data easier to meet the needs of Canadian companies.”

ESG is here to stay with growing expectations to provide actionable and measurable work taking place within a company. GreenWorks ESG isn’t just helping companies build trust and credibility with lenders, customers and investors, it’s equipping internal departments with a robust, user-friendly centralized data management system that requires little to no ESG or software experience.

“We are empowering companies of all sizes and in all industries to actively engage with both internal and external stakeholder priorities in an effort to highlight their exceptional successes and inspire material change globally.”

GreenWorks ESG is committed to supporting Canadian businesses track the good work they are already doing and deliver on ESG commitments to build a more resilient, sustainable future for generations to come.

SOURCE GreenWorks Environmental Partnership


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