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Microsoft and Inherit Carbon Solutions Seal Carbon Removal Offtake Agreement

Microsoft and Inherit Carbon Solutions Seal Carbon Removal Offtake Agreement

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  • Inherit Carbon Solutions, a pioneer in permanent carbon removal solutions, announces a carbon removal offtake agreement with Microsoft.
  • This multi-year agreement marks a crucial milestone for Inherit.

A deal has been signed for Inherit Carbon Solutions to provide Microsoft with permanent carbon removal for delivery through 2028. 

By leveraging waste-water and food waste for the purpose of carbon removal, Inherit Carbon Solutions employs a sustainable and effective solution that not only addresses carbon emissions but also contributes to the responsible management of waste. To achieve this, Inherit Carbon Solutions partners with renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities that not only treat organic waste, but also creates a valuable source of renewable energy.

“We are honored and excited to collaborate with Microsoft, a global leader in technology and sustainability. This agreement validates the importance of our permanent carbon removal solution and highlights the collective responsibility we share in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change,” said Mike Carpenter, Inherit’s CEO and Co-founder.

 “We are excited to work with Inherit towards our sustainability goals and make impactful contributions to global climate efforts,” said Brian Marrs, Senior Director, Energy & Carbon Removal at Microsoft. 

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The agreement signifies a shared vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future, setting a benchmark for other industry leaders to follow suit. 


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