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myWHY Agency and Lebec Consulting Join Forces to Achieve Greater Impact for Philanthropic, Impact Investing, and ESG-Focused Clients

myWHY Agency and Lebec Consulting Join Forces to Achieve Greater Impact for Philanthropic, Impact Investing, and ESG-Focused Clients

Chicago-based myWHY Agency has announced a unique partnership with Miami-based Lebec Consulting that will capitalize on the strengths of both agencies, to elevate the work done on behalf of clients in the philanthropic; impact investing; and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) space. The alignment of the two powerhouse firms will combine myWHY’s best-in-class integrated marketing, brand strategy, public relations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) experience with Lebec Consulting’s creative and strategic expertise across philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG investing.

“This collaboration represents the first of its kind, combining the marketing savvy of a world-class agency with two decades of expertise and the proven strategies of a firm that helps foundations, high-networth-individuals, and corporations achieve their most ambitious social impact goals,” said myWHY Agency owner Emerald-Jane Hunter. “What levels-up this partnership even more is the perfectly-aligned values of our two agencies, both being purpose-driven companies founded by immigrants, woman-owned, and women-led.”

“At a time when trillions of dollars are pouring into ESG—and philanthropy itself is going through profound changes—global business and global financial industry leaders are looking for ways to generate real, tangible value like never before to address climate change and rising inequality,” said Lebec Consulting Founder & CEO Alix Lebec. “Lebec Consulting and myWHY Agency bring a unique and combined expertise that will help clients meet this moment with bold solutions and creativity.”

“The intersection of philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG investing—alongside the perspectives, insights, and experiences of two diverse and women-led teams who have been in the trenches—presents great potential for transformational impact,” said Lebec Consulting COO & Head of ESG Katie Orr.

Lebec Consulting founder & CEO Alix Lebec was born in Paris, and raised in South Korea and China, before moving to Texas at the age of 16. She spent nearly two decades pioneering and leading entrepreneurial efforts at the World Bank, Clinton Global Initiative, Water.org, and WaterEquity—where she worked to steer more capital toward sustainable solutions addressing the world’s greatest challenges. During this time, Lebec also identified missed opportunities for global businesses and financial institutions to create more transformational change through philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG investing. Leveraging the knowledge gained navigating those industries, she formed Lebec Consulting to help incite real change for greater impact. Lebec holds a Master of Science degree in Social Policy from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from the American University of Paris.

Emerald-Jane Hunter, president and founder of myWHY Agency, was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, and migrated to the U.S. to attend Luther College at the age of 19. She is a Goldman Sachs 10KSB alumnus and the winner of four Emmy Awards from her 20-year career in high-profile storytelling as a television producer. A renowned media maestro, she is revered for her uniquely-diverse approach to human interest pieces, and has built an impressive resume of work for high-profile clients. Hunter’s latest mission is to empower purpose-driven brands and women-owned enterprises to drive awareness and business growth through DEI initiatives.

The first collaboration between myWHY Agency and Lebec Consulting will be on behalf of Water.org, a global non-profit focused on financial innovation and solving the global water crisis in our lifetime. Co-founded by social entrepreneur Gary White and actor Matt Damon, Water.org has leveraged microfinance to enhance access to safe water and sanitation for 43 million people to date.

“Our goal with Water.org is to help the organization continue to build its innovation pipeline to ensure more people get access to safe water and sanitation—attracting additional support from key philanthropic audiences, and continuing to advocate for and help create a sustainable global capital market for water that leaves no-one behind. With myWHY Agency’s support, this includes helping the organization have a strong DEI position and further elevate the narrative around women and water,” Lebec said.

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