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Partner at $3B Fund of Funds Leaves to Start New ESG Data Platform USA

Partner at $3B Fund of Funds Leaves to Start New ESG Data Platform USA

ESGgo, a new enterprise data platform enabling next-generation ESG data collection, reporting, and analysis, launched worldwide today. The technology company, which provides customizable software solutions to sync data monitoring and optimize reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, also announced $7 million in seed funding, led by Glilot Capital with support from additional prominent Silicon Valley angel investors.

ESGgo is the latest venture by Co-Founders Orly Glick and Ido Green, most recently a Partner at Vintage Investment Partners and a Senior Software Engineering Leader at Facebook, respectively. The startup aims to support companies to measure and analyze their ESG efforts, serving as a central repository for ESG data points from across an organization, unifying the disparate systems and manual workflows through automated data capture, monitoring, gap analysis, and benchmarking. Customizable dashboards allow decision-makers to chart progress on sustainability and social issues material to their market or sector while measuring their performance at a granular level against past data, peers, and industry benchmarks. As product features and adoption grow, ESGgo users will gain access to AI-driven insights and tailored recommendations for enhancing their ESG rankings.

“People want to engage with socially responsible companies,” said ESGgo CEO & Co-Founder Orly Glick, “Yet, simply stating your good intentions is not enough anymore. Consumers, investors, employees, and policymakers want tangible proof. That’s why we’re launching ESGgo, a one-stop-shop platform solution that simplifies and streamlines reporting on the ESG issues relevant to your business. The team and I are building ESGO to make a positive impact, both today and for our children’s generation and beyond.”

Kobi Samboursky, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Glilot Capital, added: “We’re thrilled to be an early supporter of ESGgo. Orly has an incredible track record and brilliant vision for using technology to improve ESG reporting. With sustainability and social responsibility concerns changing the way businesses and investors evaluate risk and opportunity, it’s the perfect time for this disruptive solution. Helping companies improve their ESG posture is more important than ever, and Orly is the perfect person to make the change needed.”

ESGgo is launching with a team of global, highly experienced technology and business leaders that share a deep commitment to making a difference. As CEO and Co-Founder, Orly Glick is launching ESGgo after nearly 25 years working at the intersection of business, consulting, technology, venture capital, institutional investing, and startups across the U.S., Israel, and Europe, including at McKinsey & Company, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and HP. This experience, often one of the few women leaders in these spaces, inspires ESGgo’s mission to help companies become better stewards of their people and communities through technology.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Ido Green joins ESGgo as an established technology leader with experience at some of the world’s most prominent Silicon Valley technology companies. He brings top-level application development and management expertise to ESGgo gained from senior-level engineering roles at Google, Netflix, and most recently Meta, as well as a passion for building startups as both an investor and a serial entrepreneur with two successful acquisitions. The seed funding will allow ESGgo to accelerate its recruiting, starting with an Israel-based engineering team.

Today, companies of all sizes, industries, and growth stages face greater stakeholder demands for transparency and commitments on issues like climate change, boardroom diversity, resource management, and more. Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that investors will pour $50 trillion into ESG-related funds by 2025, with efforts to incorporate ESG also gaining momentum in private equity and venture capital. In addition, research shows that millennial and Gen Z consumers and workers increasingly shun companies with lagging ESG credentials. As the current array of voluntary reporting frameworks is coalescing, the first ESG regulations are coming into force in the E.U., with the SEC in the U.S. set to follow. Yet there are few purpose-built software solutions for standardizing ESG data collection and analysis within an organization that facilitate streamlined reporting to investors, regulators, and public audiences.

Source: ESGgo


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