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Passport Academy Brings Expert Educational Courses to Signatories of The Climate Pledge

Passport Academy Brings Expert Educational Courses to Signatories of The Climate Pledge

Passport Academy
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Passport Academy has recently launched as an on-demand educational resource aimed at supporting signatories of The Climate Pledge in their commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. This initiative is a part of Passport, an exclusive online community for the pledge’s signatories, and it offers a range of original courses focusing on key sustainability topics. These courses are taught by industry experts and include insights from leaders at Uber, Amazon, CBRE, Global Optimism, and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The first course offered by Passport Academy, “Your Practical Guide to Measurement and Reporting,” is designed for companies at the early stages of their decarbonization journey. It covers essential aspects like carbon accounting terminology, greenhouse gas measurement basics, and guidelines for reporting. Additionally, the course addresses strategies for implementing net-zero carbon plans and conducting energy audits, among other topics.

Kimberly Pousman, the Global Operations Manager for The Climate Pledge, explained that Passport Academy was created to assist companies in fulfilling their pledge commitments, which include regular reporting, carbon elimination, and credible offsets. The aim is to provide signatories, regardless of their stage in the sustainability journey, with the necessary tools and knowledge. With nearly 500 signatories at various stages of decarbonization, including well-established companies like Amazon and organizations just starting their sustainability efforts, Passport Academy caters to a wide range of needs.

The first course’s focus on measuring and reporting stems from the belief that understanding and tracking emissions is the first step towards effective decarbonization. Pousman likened this to budget management in a household, emphasizing the importance of an initial audit to understand and plan for reduction strategies.

Looking ahead, Passport Academy plans to introduce five to ten additional courses in 2024, covering vital topics for building sustainability plans. These will include subjects like purchasing credible offsets and starting renewable energy programs. The Academy aims to make learning self-paced, engaging, and straightforward, addressing the diverse needs of its community of signatories, which vary in size, revenue, and industry.

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Passport also provides forums for measuring and reporting, allowing for the exchange of ideas and strategies among signatories. Furthermore, the Climate Pledge Summit, an annual event in New York every September, offers additional opportunities for learning and collaboration within the community. Passport Academy’s overarching goal is to foster an always-on community where individuals and teams can connect, learn, and progress in their sustainability efforts.


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