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People, Products, Planet: USANA’s 2021 Sustainability Efforts

People, Products, Planet: USANA’s 2021 Sustainability Efforts

USANA released its first sustainability report in 2021 to establish a company baseline and guide upcoming goals and future projects. Over the last three decades, USANA has invested in its people, products, and the planet, but the company recognized there was more work to do. 2021 marked a year of major steps to accomplish small and large-scale projects aimed at corporate accountability and sustainability.

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“2021 was a big year for USANA. We really began to see the fruits of our labor in our environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) efforts,” said Paul Jones, USANA’s chief people officer. “USANA’s vision is to create The Healthiest Family on Earth, and to do that, we needed to be more focused on improving the lives of our USANA family and our communities—as well as bolstering our efforts to make USANA a more sustainable company for its future and the future of our planet.”

PEOPLEEmployees Give Back—First DEI Volunteer WeekUSANA CEO Kevin Guest challenged USANA employees to volunteer in their communities throughout 2021, with a goal of giving 1,000 hours of service. USANA employees answered the call and stepped up to the challenge, going above and beyond to donate an impressive 1,687 hours, equal to just over 70 days’ worth of time.

USANA also kicked off its first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Volunteer Week this past November. This weeklong event encourages USANA’s employees to give back to their community and those from marginalized backgrounds.

5 Years of World Service WeekUSANA gives back year-round, but for one week each year the company is hyper-focused on making the world better, together. Over the course of seven days—June 14–21—employees and Associates worked side-by-side to dedicate time, effort, and resources to make a sustainable impact for those who need it most.

PLANETBuilding Garden Towers: Food for Small Spaces A Garden Tower is a standing garden planted in an open mesh bag. In 2021, USANA planted over 10,000 of these towers that use less land and 30% less water than traditional gardening methods. While this is significant at any time, it could mean the difference between crops surviving or dying in different regions. Plus, the towers themselves are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Thriving Garden Towers now found in various communities in Kenya, Mexico, and Utah provide life skills and food security while keeping the environmental impact close to neutral. This remarkably simple invention helps families take control of their livelihoods—producing up to eight meals a week for years to come.

Less Plastic for a Happier EarthThis past year, USANA joined Utah’s Sustainable Business Coalition, pledging to reduce plastic waste for a better, cleaner environment. The coalition drives eco-friendly practices in the workplace to help employees change the way they recycle at work, and hopefully, at home.

USANA’s continued commitment to drive sustainable business practices by investing in initiatives to make our Earth a better place includes: a product bottle refresh to use less plastic and encourage postconsumer recycling, switching to eco-friendly recyclable shipping fill, eliminating plastic water bottle usage, and introducing new, reusable will call bags.

PRODUCTSHoliday Conscious ConsumersUSANA’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide was a major paper-saving effort. Internationally, 28 market-specific gift guides were created. Rather than printing each page, a digital, interactive version was created instead. This move has saved an estimated 400,000+ pages of paper. Additionally, since USANA customers viewed the guide digitally, it eliminated the shipping carbon footprint of boxes of catalogs being sent to 14 countries.

“USANA is deeply committed to advancing the ESG goals set forth by our board of directors,” said Josh Foukas, USANA’s chief legal officer. “The board’s formation of a Sustainability Committee and their emphasis on ESG aligns perfectly with USANA’s core values. Our present and future goals incorporate sustainability-related best practices across all of our markets as we strive to improve communities around the world.”

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