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Project Canary Strengthens Utilities ESG Data Unit & Environmental Assessments With Key Leadership Additions

Project Canary Strengthens Utilities ESG Data Unit & Environmental Assessments With Key Leadership Additions

Company charges through next stage of growth with the addition of new energy economy Advisor Bill Ritter, a Chief Environmental Justice Officer, and a Head of Utilities, after $111M Series B fundraise.

Project Canary, the Denver-based climate tech and environmental assessment company, announced three key additions on the heels of a $111M Series B fundraising. The appointments of Governor Bill Ritter as an Advisor, Penfield Tate III as Chief Environmental Justice Officer, and Jessie Schiavone as Head of Utilities underscores the company’s commitment to grid modernization and an equitable transition to the new energy economy. 

  • Gov. Bill Ritter, a leading voice on environmental and energy policy, joins Project Canary’s advisory board. In his work at Colorado State University, Gov. Ritter works with state and federal energy policy leaders on issues relating to the new energy economy transition.
  • Penfield Tate III, Chief Environmental Justice Officer, will focus on the environmental justice issues of low-income utility customers and how they should be represented in climate policy without leaving behind a cadre of people that historically have been given small parts to play in legislation but experience significant impacts on their community.
  • Jessie Schiavone, Head of Utilities, will work with local distribution companies (LDCs) on improved gas leak detection and the achievement of ESG goals. Her military background and robust power grid efficiency and resiliency from transmission and distribution to behind-the-meter tech experience support her charter.

The future of the power grid, and certainly the future of our planet, will require proven, tech-enabled decarbonization. This means measured and verified impact, not estimates. Utilities are under increasing pressure to account for their supply chain and deliver certified gas – and this gas must be certified using independent data. Utilities will soon use real-time monitoring and leak detection in order to meet the demands from PUCs and legislators for increased environmental stewardship and ESG reporting. Project Canary’s superior monitoring, measurement, and detection technology significantly improve utilities’ ability to keep pipelines safe and clean.

“Driving meaningful environmental change means delivering meaningful ways to track, mitigate, and manage emissions today and throughout the energy transition. We cannot wait for renewables to scale or rely on self-reported emissions profiles to affect our course of action. All reports point to more natural gas demand in the U.S., not less. Only with third-party accreditation of measurement profiles and ESG scoring can you both influence the environment’s GHG load and also mindfully prepare for a reinvigorated power grid with cleaner molecules,” said Chris Romer, Co-Founder, and CEO of Project Canary. “As a B Corp, we’re ready to lead the way on what it means to be responsible, equitable stewards of both the environment and our community’s resources throughout this transition.”

Governor Bill Ritter brings an essential environmental voice and policy expertise to Project Canary’s advisory board. Gov. Ritter (2007-2011), Colorado’s 41st governor, established Colorado as a national leader in renewable energy. After leaving office, Ritter founded the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. As a part of Project Canary’s advisory board, Gov. Ritter will help direct Project Canary’s efforts to drive a clean energy transition through high-fidelity emissions monitoring. 

“An inclusive, cleaner new energy economy requires a combination of sustainability-driven innovation and market-driven thinking. The energy supply chain starts with E&P operators and ends with utilities and has to serve all communities,” said Gov. Ritter, Project Canary Advisory Board Member. “To prioritize power for communities and our environment equally, we must prove we are decarbonizing our supply chain. Project Canary is a reliable source for exactly this sort of performance data.”

In addition to existing law practice, Mr. Tate will act as Project Canary’s Chief Environmental Justice Officer. Penfield Tate III has been a leading voice in the environmental justice movement. Mr. Tate will focus on refining Project Canary’s commitment to the triple-bottom-line and how ESG data can be used to drive equity for low-income utility customers. Mr. Tate has deep experience in water, climate, and equity in utility rate-making issues. He served in the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado State Senate. He has also served on the board of Denver Water, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, and the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. 

“A brighter future with an environmental policy that focuses not just on climate change but also climate equity requires hard data. We have to actually measure and then report on progress,” said Mr. Tate. “Project Canary’s focus on providing measured climate data has the power to transform the way we think about driving equity for those who have been disproportionately affected by climate change.”

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Jessie Schiavone, a combat decorated veteran Naval Flight Officer, will support Project Canary’s goal of working alongside utilities to drive a cleaner energy future, partnering closely with LDCs on a go-to-market strategy for improved methane detection. Ms. Schiavone will bring to bear over 10 years of Naval leadership and over 15 years of power grid expertise in transmission, distribution, and behind-the-meter tech. Before joining Project Canary, Ms. Schiavone worked with large gas and electric utilities across the U.S., and served in leadership roles at game-changing energy startups, including Opower, Sparkfund, and SunStyle. 

“Tackling climate change takes integrity, discipline, and teamwork,” said Ms. Schiavone. “Utilities are a critical player driving change in the energy supply chain, and I’m excited to work with the team at Project Canary to lead the clean energy future.” 

Source: Project Canary


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