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Renovare Fuels and NASA Partner to Launch Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant in County Derry

Renovare Fuels and NASA Partner to Launch Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant in County Derry

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A biofuel company working with NASA has announced plans to open a £9 million (€10.3 million) County Derry plant on a landfill site.

Renovare Fuels said the first of its kind UK and EU operation in Craigmore will create up to two million litres of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from gases trapped in the waste.

The plant will be built on top of an existing landfill site and uses the biogas trapped underground to create usable liquid fuels.

Renovare Fuels said the project will boost Northern Ireland’s role in the transport sector’s transition to net-zero.

It will be working alongside leading Northern Ireland renewable energy operator, B9 Energy Control Limited, and leading UK biogas experts Powerhouse Management Ltd on the project.

The fuel was first developed in the USA in collaboration with sister company T2C Energy, NASA and the US Department of Energy and is set to qualify for extra support under the Department for Transport’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.

The Government estimates suggest the 32 million tonnes of biodegradable waste generated annually in the UK are enough to produce more than two billion litres of biofuels per year and significantly cut emissions.

Renovare Fuels said it would supply UK-based fuel distributors and multinational petrochemical and airline companies.

The company’s chair Matthew Stone said: “Renovare Fuels is delighted to be commencing operations in Northern Ireland. This crucial investment will ensure we play a leading role in creating a sustainable future for the transport sector.

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As we work to meet our global climate goals, we have an exciting opportunity to scale up the UK’s production of renewable fuels, producing more than 1.8 million litres per year in Northern Ireland to support the industries that face the largest barriers to the net zero transition.

Ian Harvey, B9 Energy Control Ltd founder, added: “We’re proud to be supporting Renovare Fuels’ landmark investment today, which paves the way for Northern Ireland to play an important role in supporting businesses transition to net-zero.

The new operations in County Derry present an opportune moment to kickstart a sustainable fuels drive across the UK. We look forward to continuing to support this development in the new year.


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