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REPLY: Investing in a Sustainable Way: The Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge is Underway, Organised by Reply and Banca Generali and With a Completely Zero Negative Impact on the Environment

REPLY: Investing in a Sustainable Way: The Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge is Underway, Organised by Reply and Banca Generali and With a Completely Zero Negative Impact on the Environment

The third edition of the Reply Investment Challenge is underway – the second of these challenges on the theme of sustainability. Aimed at students and young professionals, in 2021 the international online competition had 14,600 members from 91 countries around the world and a total volume of 76,746 trading operations were carried out.

This year, the theme of sustainability will play an even more central role. The objective of the Challenge, set to take place from Monday, March 28th to Friday, April 8th of this year, will be to invest in a sustainable way. Participants will be asked to present sustainable but profitable investment strategies, making choices influenced by the ESG ratings of the companies they will invest in.

In addition to expanding their knowledge of the ESG rating system, the competition will enable participants to broaden their general finance and investment skills, thanks to the exclusive e-learning content that will be made available on the Challenge platform the month prior to the competition.

Participants in this year’s Challenge will have a virtual $1,000,000 capital at their disposal to invest in real-time within the US market. On March 28th, the sum will be credited to the participants’ virtual wallets and the challenge will start. Participants will be ranked and evaluated based on their sustainable investment choices and only the top three – those who have maximised their result in terms of profit and sustainability – will win the challenge.

To demonstrate the commitment to sustainability, the Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge 2022 will have a zero negative impact on the environment and will be completely green. In collaboration with LifeGate, a referent on themes related to sustainability, the overall environmental impact generated by organising and conducting the event has been calculated. The amount of CO2 produced will thus be offset through the creation and protection of forests in Madagascar.

This year, the Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge will once again have Banca Generali as its partner. The first Italian bank to embark on the path of offering ESG investment solutions for families, Banca Generali will accompany students through the different stages of the competition, concretely measuring the results not only financially, but also in terms of their environment and social implications.

The 2022 edition of the Challenge will also count with to the participation of CFA Society ItalyMainStreet Partners and the MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business.

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CFA Society Italy which, since its foundation, has promoted the highest standards of ethics, education and excellence within the entire financial community, is constantly focused on the latest ESG issues that are revolutionising the sector.

MainStreet Partners, a London-based company specialising in sustainable investments and portfolio analysis, will provide ESG ratings that will be used in the competition.

Moreover, with its participation in the Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge, the MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business confirms its commitment to educating and training financial operators who are attentive to risk and to the sustainability of their investments.

The Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge is part of the Reply Challenges Programme which, together with the Reply Code For Kids programme and Reply’s 2nd level Master’s Degree in AI & Cloud offered at the Polytechnic University of Turin, are just some of the examples of the Group’s continued commitment to the development of innovative training models, capable of engaging the new generations of high performers. Today, Reply’s Challenges is made up of a community of over 140,000 players.

Registrations to the Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge will be open until March 25. Full information is available on: challenges.reply.com.

Source: Business Wire


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