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Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™Resource Advisor Copilot: The AI Tool that Powers Sustainable Business

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™Resource Advisor Copilot: The AI Tool that Powers Sustainable Business

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  • Conversational AI tool developed by Schneider Electric is the latest innovation to EcoStruxure Resource Advisor
  • Will deliver efficiency gains and new ways of interacting with complex enterprise data

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management, automation, and sustainability, announced its plans to launch EcoStruxure Resource Advisor Copilot, a conversational AI tool designed to help business leaders interact with their enterprise energy and sustainability data at even greater speed.

Using Large Language Model technology, Schneider Electric has securely built Copilot as a convenient digital companion embedded inside Resource Advisor. Copilot will equip energy and sustainability teams with enhanced data analysis, visualization, decision support, and performance optimization, and the ability to seamlessly process intricate industry knowledge and Resource Advisor system information. A private beta is launching over the next month, and general availability of the solution will occur in late 2023 / early 2024.

The confluence of the digital age and the impact economy is creating a new set of challenges for organizations, making it more important for leaders to turn to digital solutions to manage their environmental and social impacts. By using the new Copilot, Resource Advisor users will be able to retrieve data, generate visuals, and gain valuable insights effortlessly. This streamlined approach reduces the need for manual navigation and data analysis, allowing users to focus on strategic resource decisions.

“Building a sustainable, digital future means developing innovative, responsible tools to address today’s evolving decarbonization challenges head on. That means bringing ‘collaborative intelligence’ to life for the world’s biggest companies – simultaneously pairing cutting-edge technology with human expertise to deliver measurable outcomes,”

said Steve Wilhite, President, Schneider Electric Sustainability Business.

“Resource Advisor Copilot will allow our clients to work more quickly, responsibly, and confidently as they tackle resource management initiatives for their businesses, backed by the expertise from our leading global team of consultants.”

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The new tool is the latest AI-enabled enhancement that Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Business division has made in recent years. Others include AI-enabled risk optimization, invoice validation services, and peak alert notifications. Additionally, every software solution in the Sustainability Business portfolio – which includes Zeigo Network, Zeigo Activate and Zeigo Power – is supported by data science, machine learning, and AI automation.

Amy Cravens, Research Manager at International Data Corporation commented that,

“The launch of Resource Advisor Copilot represents a new wave of digital leadership from Schneider Electric.”

In her review of the enhancement, she added,

“The unique ability to interact with global data and expedite insights in real time will take their clients further, faster. With a strong history of integrating artificial intelligence into their products and services, Resource Advisor Copilot is poised for responsible and scalable impact for corporate sustainability strategies.”

Resource Advisor helps clients observe and steer all aspects of their resource management journey through an elevated AI lens, including emissions, energy management, resource consumption reduction, ESG reporting, and carbon accounting.


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