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ScottishPower’s Historic £5.4 Billion Boost for UK’s Green Energy Transition

ScottishPower’s Historic £5.4 Billion Boost for UK’s Green Energy Transition

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Key Impact Points:

  • ScottishPower announced a £5.4 billion investment in its SP Energy Networks business for green energy infrastructure and jobs, marking the company’s largest contract opportunity ever.
  • The investment aims to support the UK’s electricity demand, which is expected to double in the next decade, requiring over 600,000km of new or upgraded electricity lines.
  • SP Energy Networks is seeking bids from the supply chain for contracts to design, develop, and upgrade strategic transmission infrastructure, including high voltage substations and overhead line construction.
  • The investment covers transmission projects across central and southern Scotland, connecting 80-85GW of clean renewable energy to the GB transmission system and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • The UK Government recently announced measures to expedite the construction of high voltage power lines and improve grid connection processes, supporting renewable energy investment.

The early new year boost for the supply chain by its SP Energy Networks business is the company’s biggest issued contract opportunity ever and will see major investment in green energy infrastructure and green jobs which will bolster the grid for decades to come.

With electricity demand forecast to double in the next 10 years, the International Energy Agency says the UK needs more than 600,000km of new or upgraded electricity lines to meet its needs.  

ScottishPower is at the forefront of unlocking green growth and now has billions of pounds in contracts on offer for the supply chain to support its electricity network ambitions and a net zero future.  

Keith Anderson, ScottishPower CEO, said: “We’re kickstarting the largest overhaul of the grid since its inception. Our investment plans will help grow our electricity networks, grow our workforce and will provide a massive opportunity for the supply chain whilst unlocking growth for the wider economy.”

“It is vital we get serious about getting on with the job of consenting and getting this new grid built so that we can take advantage of clean green renewables, transport it around the country and lock in our energy security and maintain the UK’s track record in leading on decarbonisation”

ScottishPower’s grid business, SP Energy Networks, is now encouraging companies with the skills and experience to bid for contracts to design, develop and upgrade new and existing strategic transmission infrastructure.  

This will include new high voltage substations, overhead line construction as well as design, engineering, construction, and electrical works.  

Vicky Kelsall, CEO of SP Energy Networks, said: “This is one of the most significant infrastructure roll outs to upgrade the grid to support the electricification of the wider economy. We’ve got the plans and we’ve got the financial capital to invest, and the UK supply chain stands ready to benefit to the tune of billions.”

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The £5.4bn worth of contracts will cover the next 10 years and includes transmission projects across central and southern Scotland.  It will help move more green energy across the country to help deliver a low carbon future, connecting 80-85GW of clean renewable energy to the GB transmission system and reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.   

In November, the UK Government announced plans to halve the time it takes to build high voltage power lines and cut the time it takes to connect to the grid. Its package of measures aims to support economic growth and cement the UK as one of the best countries in the world to invest in renewables.  


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