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Shareholder Voting Made Even Easier with the Updated Enhanced ProxyVote App

Shareholder Voting Made Even Easier with the Updated Enhanced ProxyVote App

In its continued efforts to engage all shareholders in the corporate governance process, global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., announced new enhancements to its ProxyVote app. The enhancements make it easier than ever for investors to access and review proxy information in upcoming annual meetings of the companies and mutual funds they own, and to cast their votes this proxy season. The enhanced design of the app enables users to personalize their voting alerts and makes it easier than ever for individual investors to ask questions and vote in corporate elections.

“We are committed to making it easier for all investors– from individual to institutional – to have their voices heard by voting their shares each proxy season,” said Martin Koopman, President, Bank Broker-Dealer, Investor Communication Solutions at Broadridge. “We are pleased to offer investors new capabilities that make participation in the corporate governance process more seamless from start to finish.”

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Key app features:

  • One click links all accounts – investors can link all their brokerage accounts to the app via a single, secure authentication process, eliminating the traditional process of entering a discrete control number each time they want to vote.
  • Personalized alerts and push notifications – sign up for alerts for upcoming meetings and for customized notifications to reflect proposal categories of interest.
  • Streamlined dashboard – a single consolidated view to vote all investments
  • Biometric sign-in – thumbprint and facial recognition

The coming proxy season peak, which runs from April-June, will involve voting at meetings of approximately 4,000 public companies. A record number of environmental, social and governance (ESG) proposals targeting climate change and diversity and inclusion are expected to be on the agenda (according to ProxyPulse), investors can update their preferences on must-attend meetings and corporate elections, at any time right from the app.

In addition to the ProxyVote app, Broadridge continues to provide investors with the flexibility to vote on whichever platform they choose, including through their broker’s app, on a desktop or mobile browser via mobileproxyvote.com, by phone, by mail or in-person at virtual annual meetings.

Source: Broadridge Financial Solutions


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