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SHEIN Dives into Sustainable Denim with Water-Saving Tech

SHEIN Dives into Sustainable Denim with Water-Saving Tech

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SHEIN is making waves in the denim world with a new approach that’s both eco-friendly and fashion-forward. Traditionally, denim production guzzles water for dyeing and achieving the sought-after “aged” look. SHEIN, however, has partnered with NTX® to embrace Cool Transfer Printing, a revolutionary method that ditches the water-intensive processes altogether.

This innovative technology utilizes a digital printer to instantly replicate the effects of washing denim. Imagine getting that vintage vibe without a single drop of water wasted! Bureau Veritas independently verified this impressive feat in October 2023, confirming a 70.5% reduction in water usage compared to traditional methods.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Cool Transfer Printing empowers designers to unleash their creativity. A wider palette of colors and unique style accents become possible, allowing for a stunning variety of denim designs. The magic happens when a digital printer applies the chosen pattern directly onto the denim fabric using reactive ink.

SHEIN has seamlessly integrated this technology into their agile supply chain, enabling on-demand production of denim pieces. This translates to a wider selection of trendy and sustainable denim options for shoppers, all at accessible prices.

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SHEIN is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to achieve a more sustainable future for fashion. “By reinventing denim production,” they say, “we’re one step closer to reaching our goals.” With this water-saving technology, SHEIN is setting a new standard for eco-conscious denim.


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