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Siemens Joins Curiosity Lab Ecosystem To Bring Future of 5G Electrification to America

Siemens Joins Curiosity Lab Ecosystem To Bring Future of 5G Electrification to America

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The global leader in charging solutions brings the latest in EV infrastructure, leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G with American-made materials

 Peachtree Corners – one of the nation’s first smart cities powered by real-world connected infrastructure and 5G – announced global leader in EV charging solutions, Siemens, has joined the Curiosity Lab smart city ecosystem to support bringing 5G electrification to America. Siemens American-built charging stations and infrastructure will be installed at Curiosity Lab leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G network as the company continues to evolve its EV charging infrastructure solutions.

“With our eMobility R&D headquarters just across the street, we’re thrilled to be supporting Peachtree Corners and joining the Curiosity Lab ecosystem alongside so many great partners whose goals are to bring EV infrastructure to the forefront of cities across the country,” said John DeBoer, head of Siemens eMobility North America. “With our community charging their vehicles each day right where we live and work, this will be a great way to continuously evaluate our charging infrastructure as we collectively seek an electrified future.”

With both Siemens eMobility R&D hub and the North American Headquarters for Siemens Electrical Products located in Peachtree Corners, Siemens is the city’s largest employer and is actively supporting the community with six EV chargers already deployed. These chargers contribute to Peachtree Corners having the largest EV charging hub outside of Metro Atlanta.  

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“Siemens shares our vision of leveraging the benefits of 5G for the betterment of our communities,” said Dave Bezzant, Vice President, T-Mobile for Government. “We are thrilled to have Siemens joining the Curiosity Lab ecosystem, and we are looking forward to working with their team to provide 5G wireless connectivity for this project.”

“As one of the leading smart cities in the United States, we are always looking towards the future,” said Brian Johnson, City Manager of Peachtree Corners. “The electrification of America is well on its way, and here in Peachtree Corners we are proud to be embracing this technology further with Siemens joining our Curiosity Lab ecosystem. As a global leader in this space, we are honored to have had Siemens’ continuous support for our city’s adoption of this technology. Expanding their charging infrastructure at Curiosity Lab only strengthens that ongoing support. Together with Siemens, T-Mobile’s 5G and our real-world environment, we will be able to continue to improve EV infrastructure for a positive impact towards the future of the electrification of America.”

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