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SpeedPro Turns Cars into Canvases for Visionary Artist Jumper Maybach

SpeedPro Turns Cars into Canvases for Visionary Artist Jumper Maybach

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New collaboration brings Jumper Maybach creations to life in a new medium

SpeedPro, the best-in-class provider of wide-format printing and graphics solutions, has joined forces with renowned visionary artist Jumper Maybach to launch an innovative collaboration that brings together art and automotive design. This groundbreaking partnership introduces limited edition Mercedes-Benz cars adorned with Maybach’s captivating original artwork in the form of unique vehicle wraps.

Inspired by the legendary artist Jackson Pollock, Jumper Maybach employs his signature technique of laying canvases on the ground and artfully splashing vibrant hues of paint across them. As an abstract expressionist, Maybach creates visual experiences that open his viewers’ minds to the notion that chaos, explosive color and the abandonment of form can be the cathartic breakdown of past traumas and self-hate. His powerful and emotive artwork expresses to the world that true freedom is found in this chaos while radiating messages of universal love and acceptance. Maybach’s works have garnered international acclaim, are housed in a permanent museum collection, and are exhibited in prominent galleries worldwide.

“This collaboration with SpeedPro is an exciting opportunity for me to reach a new audience and share my creations in a unique, dynamic way,”

shared Jumper Maybach.

“I have always been passionate about exploring new mediums to stand against hate, bullying and intolerance in the world. With these vehicle wraps, my message will be shared on the roads wherever these cars go. That is incredibly meaningful for me.”

With the exclusive vehicle wrap offering, art aficionados now have the opportunity to own and drive a true masterpiece on wheels. Each limited edition car will showcase Maybach’s iconic artwork, transforming vehicles into stunning mobile artwork that captivates attention and inspires conversations.

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“It is an honor to partner with Jumper Maybach to offer these one-of-a-kind vehicle wraps,”

said Mark Duncan, President of SpeedPro Houston.

“This fusion of art and automotive design is a testament to the boundless possibilities of creativity and self-expression. We believe that these limited edition cars will not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles but also ignite meaningful conversations about art and its impact on our lives.”

For art enthusiasts and automotive aficionados alike, the special edition vehicle wraps featuring Jumper Maybach’s original artwork will be available through Jumper Maybach and Mercedes-Benz Southhampton.


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