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STACK Infrastructure Accomplishes Goal of 100% Renewable Energy Across its Americas Portfolio

STACK Infrastructure Accomplishes Goal of 100% Renewable Energy Across its Americas Portfolio

STACK Infrastructure (“STACK”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies, recently announced, effective December 31, 2021, it now operates its Americas portfolio on 100% renewable energy. Striving to be a sustainability leader in the data center industry, STACK reached this foundational milestone in accordance with its OnePurpose program, dedicated to environmental, social, and governance practices (ESG). Operating sustainable infrastructure is a collective duty, and STACK partnered with its clients in aligning its environmental goals to continue to operate facilities using 100% renewable energy on an ongoing basis.

STACK considers efficiency and sustainability at every level of its business, from sourcing and design to development and operations. As demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow, STACK’s OnePurpose program represents a paramount company-wide focus to maintain and expand its data center capacity with accountability and integrity. STACK’s achievement of its 100% renewable energy target epitomizes its dedication to continuous improvement in sustainability and commitment to the success and satisfaction of its clients.

“We’re delighted to have achieved our initial 100% renewable energy commitment and to be making demonstrable progress toward our sustainability and responsible business practice goals,” said Chief Strategy Officer, STACK Americas Matthew VanderZanden. “At STACK, we take climate change seriously and believe the best way to make rapid, wide-ranging progress is to set far-reaching goals. Achieving this impactful target is just one example of our extensive efforts within the OnePurpose program focused on making lasting change. Our multi-part roadmap of initiatives ultimately addresses our lifecycle carbon footprint and supports STACK’s broader sustainability strategy while also contributing to and supporting our client’s ESG goals. STACK is proud to partner with our clients and continue to improve our data center development and operations for a more sustainable world.”

Beyond its considerable commitment to renewable energy and designing, building, and operating efficient, low water-use facilities, STACK is stepping outside of conventional industry concepts and testing other avenues of more environmentally friendly processes and technology to continue its aggressive pursuit of a more sustainable business model. STACK is utilizing low-carbon concrete and recycled steel to reduce the embodied carbon in its new facilities. Additionally, STACK is piloting use of fossil-free renewable diesel fuel, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), and scale battery deployments as alternatives to fossil diesel for backup energy needs. Through innovative initiatives like these, STACK collaborates with clients and partners to optimize development and operations in joint advancement of shared ESG goals and values.

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The successful achievement of STACK’s 100% renewable energy initiative comes on the heels of several significant development announcements. In the last month, STACK has announced three new data center campus projects, expanding its responsible data center development and operations across the globe.

STACK’s offerings include opportunities in key regions throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA with the following most recent developments in progress:

  • A 36MW campus in Inzai, Japan breaking ground in Q2 2022 with capacity expected to be delivered in Q4 2023. This milestone follows the recent announcement of STACK’s entrance to the APAC market with the opening of its Singapore regional headquarters;
  • Northern Virginia, with both an 80-acre Ashburn campus that will begin construction Q1 2022 totaling 216MW when finished and a Prince William County campus in its second phase of expansion that will bring 36MW of additional capacity by Q4 2022, eventually growing to 72MW;
  • A 19-acre data center campus in Toronto, Canada with 8MW coming available in Q3 2022 and an additional 48MW planned to be introduced in future phases starting in 2023; 
  • Successful delivery of the first 24MW building, 50% being pre-leased, at STACK’s flagship 84MW Portland campus, bringing its total current critical capacity to over 50MW in the region.

Source: STACK Infrastructure


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