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Startup converts cashew waste to plant-based meat substitute

Food Business News — A Hawaiian startup is transforming a byproduct of the cashew nut industry into a nutritious plant-based meat alternative.

Cashew apples, the fleshy stem of the plant that often is discarded, are rich in fat, fiber, minerals, protein, tannins, and vitamin C, according to the founders of Cajú Love. The brand is debuting organic cashew fruit meat, which has a texture similar to that of shredded chicken. The single-ingredient product is unseasoned and has a neutral flavor, according to the company, so it may be used in a variety of applications.

“When I found out that cashew nuts grew on a fruit that was considered waste in the nut industry, I knew we had to do something to change that,” said Felipe Barreneche, co-founder of Cajú Love. “The fruit is full of health benefits and cooks just like chicken, pork, tuna, and ground meat — it is delicious. My mission is to share with the world a quality whole food plant-based meat alternative that is good for you and sustainable.”

Alana Lima, co-founder of Cajú Love, said the company’s mission is to inspire conscious living and mindful eating to benefit people and the planet.

“Cashew fruit meat is an extremely nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle and one of the most sustainable food options,” she said. “With every cashew meat pack you purchase, you are helping divert food waste and reduce water and land use for food supply.”

The product is available online at cajulove.com.


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