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Vandalism Damages London’s Clean-Air Zone Expansion Efforts

Vandalism Damages London’s Clean-Air Zone Expansion Efforts

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Cameras set up along London’s roads to enforce the forthcoming expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) have suffered vandalism, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The ULEZ’s augmentation, planned for August 29, has been passionately supported by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who emphasizes its role in reducing air pollution-related deaths and addressing climate change.

However, opposition to the expansion has been fervent. Critics argue that the daily £12.50 ($16) fee for high-pollution vehicles is unjust, especially given ongoing concerns about living costs and potential economic impacts.

By August 1, the Metropolitan Police had recorded numerous offenses linked to ULEZ cameras, including the theft of 164 cameras and 185 instances of cable damage. A response was launched in April, triggered by reports of theft and camera vandalism. Videos allegedly showing these acts have emerged on social media.

Police Commander Owain Richards noted collaboration with Transport for London in tackling these issues:

“We’re working closely with Transport for London and, along with our investigation into existing offenses, we’re assisting in identifying new ways to prevent further camera damage or theft.”

These incidents highlight the deep divisions surrounding the ULEZ debate in London. Recent legal attempts by local authorities to halt the expansion proved unsuccessful.

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The ULEZ has even impacted politics, with a by-election loss for the opposition Labour Party in outer London attributed to its effects. Despite this, Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a £50 million extension of the ULEZ car scrappage scheme, an effort to appease concerns about economic consequences and growing opposition.

Mayor Khan stated,

“We’re determined to help Londoners transition to cleaner vehicles, reducing harmful emissions.”


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