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Vita Coco Announces Expansion of Social Impact Program, to Brazil

Vita Coco Announces Expansion of Social Impact Program, to Brazil

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Through partnership with Brazilian environmental nonprofit Apremavi, Company reaffirms commitment to making a positive impact on the world

The Vita Coco Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) announced the expansion of its social impact program, The Vita Coco Project, to Brazil.

The Vita Coco Project was founded in 2014 through the Company’s Environmental and Social Initiative program to support and empower coconut sourcing communities. To date, The Vita Coco Project, through its local partners, has distributed more than 370,000 seedlings and trees, trained more than 1,000 farmers in regenerative agricultural practices and constructed 36 classrooms and schools in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. In the Philippines, farmers participating in the project have seen an 88% increase in their income.

“Since our founding, we’ve invested in the places and the people behind our product. I’m proud the Company is able to extend its support and resources to those located in Brazil,”

said Mike Kirban, co-founder and executive chairman of The Vita Coco Company.

“Our business is only successful when those we partner with are successful, and that means prioritizing our longstanding mission of return on impact and finding opportunities to strengthen our supply chain.”

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In partnership with Brazilian environmental nonprofit Apremavi, The Vita Coco Project will support the planting of trees in both urban communities and in forests nationwide. The reforestation efforts will protect habitats for some of Brazil’s native species and drive the impact of the initiative beyond coconut farming. Overall, the Vita Coco Project will focus on three impact area:

  • Distributing seedlings, including coconuts and other native species, to support local environmental ecosystems
  • Promoting the economic livelihoods of farming communities
  • Improving access to education

“We are excited to partner with Vita Coco to protect biodiversity and restore the Atlantic Forest, which is one of the richest and most threatened biomes in the world. Our actions at the Municipality Park in Atalanta will contribute with the conservation of species such as the Tawny-browed Owl and the Brown Howling Monkey,” said Carolina Schaffer, vice president at Apremavi.

The expansion further supports the Company’s “Seedlings for Sustainability” initiative and commitment to distribute and help facilitate the planting of up to 10 million seedlings and trees across the globe by 2030.

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