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Whole Earth Brands Launches Strategic ESG Framework

Whole Earth Brands Launches Strategic ESG Framework

Whole Earth Brands, Inc., a global food company enabling healthier lifestyles, today announced the launch of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework and strategic goal areas.

Centered on three pillars – producing sustainably, supporting thriving workers and communities, and enabling healthier lifestyles – the Whole Earth Brands ESG framework seeks to further and positively influence a host of important issues involving the company, its employees and the effect its production facilities can have on the environment and climate. Whole Earth Brands determined these pillars after a formal assessment process that included an outside consultant, internal interviews and external research.

“Our ESG vision is to bring goodness to people and to the planet,” said Albert Manzone, Chief Executive Officer of Whole Earth Brands. “Strong ESG performance is fundamental to our business strategy. It is reflected in everything we do, from product development to ingredient sourcing and manufacturing, and beyond. The launch of our ESG framework and strategic goal areas formalizes our intentions to be responsible corporate citizens.”

In the coming months, Whole Earth Brands plans to further develop measurable targets and a baseline to strategically address the key ESG issues identified through the materiality assessment process. These goal areas span:

  • Climate,
  • Packaging
  • Waste and water
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Innovation and transparency
  • Equitable access

“My experience leading multiple companies through successful ESG journeys over the years has instilled the belief that creating, measuring and surpassing tangible goals is essential to functioning as a responsible business and making a positive impact on the world,” said Irwin D. Simon, Executive Chairman of Whole Earth Brands. “Our commitment to enabling wellness by offering natural alternatives and clean-label products supports our ability to deliver on our ESG vision over the next decade and beyond. We’re excited to launch this framework after our first full year operating as a public company and share this journey with customers, consumers, and investors.”

Source: Whole Earth Brands


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