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Young Visionaries Lead Singapore Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

Young Visionaries Lead Singapore Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

Sustainable Energy
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Key Impact Points:

  • Young engineers like Brandon are building the brains behind smarter energy use, designing solutions for efficient and sustainable consumption. Their passion for innovation is key to powering a greener future.
  • Advocates like Kee Yee are spreading the word about clean energy, inspiring others to join the movement. Their voices fuel a collective shift towards a more sustainable energy landscape.
  • Teams like Powerpuff are pushing boundaries with innovative solutions. Their ability to think outside the box, like installing solar panels on MRT tracks, tackles land scarcity challenges and paves the way for practical clean energy implementations.
  • These passionate youths are spearheading the movement towards a net-zero Singapore. Their combined energy, creativity, and determination are the catalysts for a sustainable future, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Our youths play a crucial role in the journey towards a net-zero world. With their passion and fresh perspectives for a greener future, they are set to become key players in the transformation towards greater energy sustainability.

Catalysts of Change

Meet Brandon, a third-year electrical engineering student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Fuelled by his interest in driving change in the energy sector, he decided to apply for the Energy-Industry Scholarship (EIS) offered by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and industry partners.

This scholarship provides me with the opportunity to gain experience in innovative projects and apply what I learn to develop real solutions for smarter energy use,” he said. He aims to apply his education and experiences to drive research and development in impactful solutions that will enable consumers to optimise energy consumption for a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

Brandon’s journey is shared by fellow scholarship recipients – Foo Dun Liang, Mohamad Taufiq Bin Mohamad Yunos and Muhammad Fahmi Bin Yusof. Like Brandon, each brings their own unique blend of passion and enthusiasm to the table, all set to make their mark in the energy sector upon graduating and joining their sponsoring organisation, YTL PowerSeraya.

Fahmi, also in his third year pursuing electrical engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, had completed an internship with a clean energy company. This valuable experience significantly solidified his interest in working in Singapore’s energy sector. Sharing his thoughts upon receiving the scholarship, he expressed, “The power system in Singapore is renowned for its stability and reliability. I am extremely excited to play a part in creating a more sustainable Singapore.

Recipients of the 2023 Energy-Industry Scholarship (left to right): Mohamad Taufiq Bin Mohamad Yunos, Foo Dun Liang, Muhammad Fahmi Bin Yusof and Brandon Teo.

Advocates for Energy Sustainability

While youths like Brandon focus on honing their technical and academic qualifications in the energy space, another group of young individuals is actively championing energy sustainability through advocacy.

Among these individuals is Tan Kee Yee, whose experience with the energy sector started during his Temasek Polytechnic days. “During my internship in the solar energy sector, I witnessed Singapore’s strong commitment to sustainable energy goals, with a focus on renewable sources such as solar power. This first-hand experience broadened my insights into Singapore’s energy landscape and strengthened my determination to actively contribute to sustainable energy practices, aspiring for the nation’s growth while minimising environmental impact,” he reflected.

Now in his final year in the Singapore Institute of Technology, Kee Yee is delving deeper into the field of energy through his studies in Electrical Power Engineering. ”I am passionate about Singapore’s energy sector and its goal for greater sustainability. I hope to foster collaboration in the industry and inspire others towards a sustainable energy future for Singapore,” shared Kee Yee.

Tan Kee Yee is among the seven passionate individuals who was recognised for his advocacy efforts.

Innovating for the Future

This year, EMA’s Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (Youth) competition drew over 80 entries envisioning a net-zero Singapore by 2050. These creative ideas were shared through engaging three-minute Instagram videos, combining creativity with pragmatic problem solving.

(Left to right) Jasmine Chan Sze Yi, Ruba Zaki A Sulaiman, Hannah To Qi Wen, and Yao En Ting from Team Powerpuff presented their ideas at SEGC (Youth).

Among the outstanding entries, Team Powerpuff from Singapore Polytechnic showcased exceptional innovation in the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) category in devising innovative solutions to address Singapore’s land scarcity challenges. They researched how much sunlight solar panels could capture each day and figured out the best temperature for solar panels to work most efficiently, showcasing a nuanced understanding of energy challenges. The team won the Champion title, by addressing EDP Renewables’ challenge statement on innovations in solar energy.

We approached the challenge of limited land space by thinking outside the box and drawing inspiration from existing solar panel placements. This led us to come up with the idea of installing solar panels on MRT tracks,” explained Jasmine Chan Sze Yi, leader of the team.

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Apart from the students who benefited from the programme, the participating companies have also found it to be a meaningful endeavor. Filipa Ricciardi, Executive Director, Client Solutions & Asset Operations APAC at EDP Renewables shared, “Innovation drives everything that we do at EDP Renewables. We are committed to pushing boundaries and nurturing a culture of creativity. Empowering the next generation of innovators, particularly among youths, is pivotal for us in shaping a sustainable and forward-thinking future.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders

As Singapore strides towards its 2050 net-zero target, these young visionaries are spearheading an emerging movement towards Singapore our clean energy future.

The combined energy, creativity, and determination of these youths will undoubtedly be the catalyst of Singapore’s clean energy revolution, laying down a legacy of sustainability for generations that follow.


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