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Abel Noser Solutions and OWL ESG Partner to Offer Institutional Investors an ESG Consensus Ratings System that Enables Meaningful Portfolio-Level Analysis

Abel Noser Solutions and OWL ESG Partner to Offer Institutional Investors an ESG Consensus Ratings System that Enables Meaningful Portfolio-Level Analysis

Collaboration Creates a Unique Policy-Neutral Quantitative ESG Solution to Help Assess, Measure and Monitor Portfolio Holdings and Transactions

Abel Noser Solutions, a leading provider of multi-asset trade analytics, compliance and consulting services to the institutional investment community, recently announced it has partnered with OWL ESG, a data and analytics firm based out of Santa Monica to introduce a unique ESG oversight and measurement service. The driving feature of the quantitative-based offering is that it allows asset owners to easily, yet comprehensively, review their investment holdings in relation to ESG goals or mandates.

“Asset owners need simple oversight tools that employ a top-down approach to help monitor their managers’ ESG practices in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” said Steve Glass, Co-CEO of Abel Noser and the head of Zeno AN Solutions, the company’s division that focuses on the needs of asset owner clients.  “Regardless of whether a fund supports or prohibits ESG-ideals, asset owners should have the ability to ensure that manager ESG practices are consistent with their representations, and fund policies.  It’s also important to recognize that if markets pump up ESG stocks or penalize non-ESG stocks, the performance impact can be real – regardless of one’s personal or institutional views about the concept.”

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“We are excited to be in partnership with Abel Noser to provide a customized consensus score and rating approach to ESG oversight,” commented Ben Webster, CEO at OWL ESG. “Our quantitative process of aggregating multiple data sources solves the historical obstacle practitioners faced when trying to use ESG rating agencies with very disparate assessments.  This collaboration couples our ESG consensus score ratings with Abel Noser client datasets, to uniquely help asset owners and managers digest how their ESG holdings and trading decisions are trending across portfolios and time.  We believe that taking the subjectivity out of the ESG analysis equation will spur valuable dialogue between asset owners and their managers.”

“For asset owners and compliance teams in particular, Abel Noser’s ESG oversight service is ideal since it flags potential issues that can be subsequently followed-up on with a specific fund manager,” added Brian Greene, SVP at Abel Noser Solutions. “Investment managers, particularly active managers, should be ideally positioned to respond in an informed manner since, by definition, they have a clear view of the companies they choose to hold in their portfolios. In our view, this offering provides a straightforward ‘ESG best practice’ opportunity that could contribute to any healthy partnership between asset owners and their managers, as well as assist in board oversight discussions.”

Source: GlobeNewswire


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