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Apex Group launches new DEI Solution for Private Markets

Apex Group launches new DEI Solution for Private Markets

Apex Group Ltd., a global financial services provider, announced the continued expansion of its pioneering ESG Ratings & Advisory Services with the launch of a new diversity, equity, equality and inclusion (“DEI”) solution for private markets investors.

Global movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter have highlighted inequity in society, putting pressure on businesses and investors to accurately report DEI data. Apex Group’s DEI Solution helps clients to collect, evaluate and improve on their DEI practices. This enables investors and their portfolio companies to overcome the myriad challenges faced when collecting sensitive data and identifying any gaps in their DEI approach.

Data capture is simplified with 20 easy to answer questions aligned with key ESG reporting frameworks such as the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations and the Institutional Limited Partners Association (“ILPA”) Diversity Metrics with responses submitted via Apex Group’s proprietary online platform. This technology platform is further supported by expert advisory services and independent data verification to ensure high quality diversity data.

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Apex Group’s DEI Solution generates actionable insights including detailed analysis of gender, race, ethnicity, and other key DEI areas, fully integrated alongside wider ESG reporting for customers, investors and regulators.

Sara Laabid, ESG Impact Lead, Apex Group comments: “Companies and their investors are increasingly seeking to report their DEI data to various stakeholders, but often stumble at the first hurdle of understanding what data they should be collecting and well as how to collect, understand and improve it. We are excited to launch Apex Group’s DEI solutions which will enable our clients to more efficiently identify, understand and improve DEI performance across their business and portfolios. Crucially, our DEI solution delivers actionable insights, enabling the formulation of action plans and to drive real world impact and positive change.”

This announcement is part of Apex Group’s Impact Month and follows the recent launch of Apex Group’s pioneering Impact Positive and EU Taxonomy Solutions.

Over 350 GPs in over 45 countries are already using Apex Group’s award-winning ESG services, to report on their investments in-line with ESG standards and regulations. 

Source: Apex Group


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