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Asia Innovation Group Announces ESG Program – Advance, Impact, Guard

Asia Innovation Group Announces ESG Program – Advance, Impact, Guard

Asia Innovations Group (Asia Innovations), a leading live social company with more than 500 million registered users worldwide on its platforms, is announcing its well-honed and results- driven ESG initiatives that are improving millions of economically disadvantaged users’ lives worldwide.

Asia Innovations has worked to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in real income for emerging market users, real impact for real people beyond just the environmental initiatives that many companies promote.

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Launched in 2016, Uplive enables video social streamers to promote their talents and rapidly build real-time connections throughout the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, North America, and Latin American regions. Through Uplive, and on all its social media brands, Asia Innovations is addressing the needs of its community and environmental, social and governance compliance.

“ESG isn’t just a box to check for Asia Innovations; it’s a guiding light for how we operate on a daily basis in our mission to foster equitable social media spaces for emerging market users,” says Asia Innovations Group Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andy Tian. “With our proactive initiatives, we seek to leverage our global reach to empower economically challenged emerging market users, many of whom were impacted by the pandemic. At the same time, we seek to protect our users through a robust, platform-specific set of best practices to ensure that the creators and users alike feel safe.”

The company’s ESG initiative dovetail with the Asia Innovations Group acronym “Advance, Impact, and Guard.” 

Advance – Economic Opportunity for Emerging Markets

Asia Innovations is in the business of helping people. Hundreds of millions of people and small businesses use Asia Innovations tools to connect with customers, hire and grow. Asia Innovations’  streaming platform Uplive is a catapult; a mechanism that has helped lift up those on the lowest end of the socio-economic ladder and provide them with earning opportunities especially during the pandemic. The majority of Asia Innovations users (86%) hail from an emerging market country where more than half live off on only $200 a month or $2,400 annually. People in many different industries, ranging from actors and musical performers to flight attendants, joined Uplive to explore a new way of living and earning. Asia Innovations has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to such creators from emerging markets since its inception.

Tian explains that, “the company is projected to generate nearly a billion dollars in annual payouts to creators in the next few years. That’s a lot of income being funneled back into underprivileged families across the developing world.” 

It’s difficult enough for talented people to be discovered or monetize their talents in countries far from world entertainment centers. Uplive empowers their users in underserved communities to engage with audiences and enhance their livelihood and careers. Zandy Storm, the champion of Uplive’s singing competition has released a single produced by Grammy-nominated produced and is now a step closer to reaching her dream. 

Impact – Supporting Worldwide Causes and Local Needs  

Asia Innovations also leverages its platforms to highlight worldwide, and community needs in the regions we serve. These include raising millions of dollars for typhoon victims, UNICEF, and Children’s House.

Through Uplive, Asia Innovations Group highlights and supports many important global initiatives and regional events including:

·       During Ramadan in 2021, Uplive hosted an online charity singing competition to raise money for UNICEF’s initiative to purify water and help provide clean drinking water to children.

·       To aid Typhoon victims, Uplive hosted a livestreamed mini concert.

·       Uplive organized livestreaming fundraising camp Asia Innovations Group and donated all proceeds to animal shelters in China

Guard – Privacy, Community Safety and Cybersecurity

Asia Innovations is a leader in providing a safe and respectful environment across its platforms using a four-pronged approach. Operating a thriving digital space that empowers creators from all walks of life comes great responsibility. Rigorous review processes and policies serve as the backbone of Asia Innovations’ platforms to ensure that creators feel comfortable and empowered to explore ways to monetize their content and change their lives.

The company has incorporated Artificial Intelligence tools to review content. Asia Innovations  also employs cybersecurity tools that give the community members control over their privacy and help protect information securely. A staff of several hundred employees worldwide collaborate in a seamless system for community content reporting and monitoring, with strict contractual penalties for those who break platform guidelines. These robust policies follow both U.S. social media industry standards and country-specific guidelines thus ensuring that all of our platforms will be safe private, spaces for people of all different walks of life.

The content and behavior guidelines for users are equally thorough. Pornography, drug use, and harassment are not tolerated. Those who engage in any of these behaviors face appropriate penalties including demonetization, stream shutdown or total account ban.

Lastly, Asia Innovations  board of directors and senior management follow ESG and other sound corporate governance practices and that drives ethical policy development and compliance worldwide.

“ESG will continue to be a core building block of what we hope to continue achieving under our ‘Advance, Impact and Guard’ initiative” Tian says. “Discussion of how to govern with a strong social conscience is an existential aspect of our existence as a company across the board as we seek to empower creators and users alike.” 

Source: A. Lavin Communications


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