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Beyonce Spellman Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas 


Beyonce Spellman Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas 


Beyonce Spellman, CEO, Rainforest Partnership (00:00):

I’m Beyonce Spellman. I’m the CEO of rainforest partnership. Uh, rainforest partnership is a nonprofit that actually focuses on protecting our tropical rainforests. Um, rainforests make up less than 3% of the surface area of our planet. And yet they’re so disproportionately important to the wellbeing and balance of our planet. And no matter where we live, whether it’s in Dallas or London or Paris or anywhere else, those of us who live in the cities less than 3%, think about it. The choices we make are actually affecting the choices, foisted on the people who live in the jungle. So very quickly, what’s happening to our forests in my lifetime. We’ve lost half of them. These powerhouse ecosystems protect. They, they regulate our water cycle. They regulate our climate. They circulate our air hold 50% of our biodiversity, so important. And so this earth day weekend, I wanna invite everybody to take a breath. Cuz when we take that breath, we’re breathing in air. That’s circulated through those forests, the natural technology of our planet for, for the balance in a climate that can support all of humanity and all of us everywhere. And then the work I do is working directly with indigenous and local peoples in the forest,

Beyonce Spellman, CEO, Rainforest Partnership (01:47):

Helping them make an income, helping them protect the forest to protected areas, learning about what the biodiversity is, finding new species, everything that can help us know more about why they’re important and why we protect them. Rainforest, partnership.org. You can get involved in any which way you want. There’s two sides of the equation, the actual forest and, and the people who live in the forest and how we support them. And then all of us, how do we get involved? So we have many ways films for the forest, people around the world, sending in films for how they connect to these forests world rain forest day, June 22nd. It’s a global day, ever more people activating and engaging in protecting these forests. We have gen Z for the trees. So any of you really care and want to be involved with tropical rain forests, come, go beyond petitioning and um, just protesting and come and do something that’s real for our forests.

Beyonce Spellman, CEO, Rainforest Partnership (02:58):

You know, somebody had a sticker that said, Mar stocks, guess what? I don’t wanna live on a Barron planet because every time our primatologists and our herpetologists and our, any of our specialists go out, they’re finding new species or new habits or new information. It is that amazing. And so you can get involved in any which way you want. Well drain forest foam for the forest, gen Z for the trees, or just come and volunteer for any organization that’s protecting forests. And then watch what you’re eating. Whether it’s your phone or what product you’re buying, how it’s connected to tropical rainforest, cuz it’s gonna take all of us everywhere. My name is NEA Spellman. I’m the CEO of rainforest partnership and you are watching ESG news.

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