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Eka collaborates with Microsoft to drive sustainability for global enterprises

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Eka collaborates with Microsoft to drive sustainability for global enterprises

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Running on Microsoft Azure, the suite of solutions will help enterprises rise to the challenge of the “big pledge era” and achieve net-zero goals

Eka Software Solutions, a global leader in providing enterprise cloud solutions for the CFO’s office, today announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft to offer a robust suite of solutions, enabling businesses to reduce their impact on climate change and help them spark a positive change through their sustainability initiatives.  

The joint go-to-market offerings will provide sophisticated, cloud-driven sustainability solutions for enterprises to track, measure and gain meaningful insights across their carbon usage, supplier relationships, governance, workforce management, and circular economy.  

The creation of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) at the recent COP26 conference is a major step to globally align ESG reporting. Conscious of the expectation to provide tangible and credible evidence of their sustainability status, organisations across the world are setting targets to reduce their carbon footprint and reach net-zero emissions.

The increased pressure is leading chief sustainability and financial officers to look for ways to standardize relevant ESG data collection and reporting with robust solutions that will help them rise to the “big pledge” and measure performance against their sustainability goals.

Running on Microsoft Azure, Eka’s comprehensive suite of solutions will enable businesses to gain complete and real-time visibility to track carbon emissions. Benefitting from the hybrid and trusted cloud technologies of Azure, pre-built frameworks and analytical dashboards on Eka’s ESG and sustainability reporting solution will further help them report it as per industry-mandated frameworks and reduce their environmental footprint across all emission sources.

Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka, said“ESG and Sustainability reporting is subject to a lot of attention but little clarity, and businesses continue to struggle with multiple reporting standards and frameworks. The strong, trusted relationship between Microsoft and Eka is at the heart of this exciting collaboration, and we are committed to providing enterprises the support they need with their ESG and sustainability disclosures, empowering them to address opportunities that will benefit the world today and generations to come.”

Ahmed Mazhari, President, Microsoft Asia, said: At Microsoft, we believe sustainability is critical to meet the economic, societal and environmental needs of today and the years to come. In the current landscape of multiple reporting frameworks, proactive solutions like Eka’s will support our customers’ sustainability journey. We are pleased that Eka is using the power of Microsoft Azure for its cloud solutions to enable leaders of global enterprises to progress their business strategies and reach their sustainability goals faster.

With this collaboration, enterprises will benefit from pre-built frameworks to report against various industry standards including GRI, SDG, SASB, CDP, TCFD, SECR, GRESB and BRSR. With Eka’s highly configurable platform-driven solution, businesses can easily build more frameworks as their requirements and regulations continue to evolve and take shape. Together with Microsoft, Eka will help enterprises unlock the value and benefit of ESG and Sustainability reporting.

Eka leverages its cloud platform to deliver agile SaaS solutions for over 100 customers worldwide, digitizing mission critical workflows from procurement, trading & risk, to supply chain, sustainability, and treasury. As an official signatory of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Eka is committed to incorporating the principles of UNGC into its business practices to propel holistic business transformations for all pertinent stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners and vendors through its multi-faceted, powerful cloud platform.

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