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George Mathew, CMO of DXC Technology Talks Improving Healthcare Systems With Blockchain – ESG News

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George Mathew, CMO of DXC Technology Talks Improving Healthcare Systems With Blockchain – ESG News

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George Mathew, CMO of DXC Technology Exclusive Interview with Matt Bird on blockchain in healthcare at Converge2Xcelerate Conference (Boston, MA)


  • Blockchain technology in healthcare market expected to reach $42.1 million by 2024
  • Dr. Mathew serves as clinical expert to DXC Technology clients in the transforming healthcare marketplace
  • Telehealth market it booming worldwide with CAGR of 22.74%

(ESG News) – Our healthcare data is out there, and people are making money off of it. 

That notion was shared by George Mathew, CMO of DXC Technology, with Matt Bird, host of the Traders Network Show, during an interview at the Converge2Xcelerate Conference in Boston. Mathew said his company is working on integrating tools like blockchain technology to create a secure way for patients to have access to their own data, and therefore improve healthcare systems. 

“We’re trying to figure out how do we empower people to own their data and use it in a way they can use it to help themselves,” Mathew said. 

He said the implementation of blockchain is the biggest hurdle. “[Blockchain] has been a solution looking for a problem,” Mathew said. “We are kind of in that hype cycle, where it starts off where people are really excited and jazzed about it, then they try implementing it. Then the excitement goes away, and the use kind of falls off. So we are kind of at the fall-off stage, but I think it’s starting to tick back up.” 

Services like provider verification or claims processing seem to be ripe use cases for blockchain, Mathew said, but changing systems requires overcoming inertia—and people within those systems often subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality.  

Still, Mathew is optimistic. “People are trying to figure out how do we make this work together. [It’s] going to patients and saying, ‘look, if we take your data, and we figure out what the financial value of it is, and we let you decide if you can use it or not, then we can actually bring about change in healthcare.”

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