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Google signs agreement with Salt River Project (SRP) to support more than 430 carbon-free megawatts

Google signs agreement with Salt River Project (SRP) to support more than 430 carbon-free megawatts

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Google Announces Sustainability Efforts in Arizona

Google is committed to building a more sustainable future in Arizona. Their efforts focus on two main areas: bringing clean energy to the state and supporting the Mesa community.

Clean Energy for Arizona

As Google expands its infrastructure in Arizona with the construction of their first data center in Mesa, sustainability remains a top priority. The data center utilizes air-cooled technology to minimize environmental impact.

To further their commitment, Google announced an energy supply agreement with Salt River Project (SRP). This agreement supports the addition of over 430 megawatts of carbon-free energy to Arizona’s electricity grid. This is projected to help Google’s Arizona operations reach at least 80% carbon-free energy on an hourly basis by 2026.

The new agreement includes a mix of wind and solar power, along with battery storage, from facilities operated by NextEra Energy Resources. Google emphasizes that they are not just offsetting their energy use, but actively contributing to Arizona’s transition to clean energy. This collaboration is seen as a significant step towards achieving Google’s ambitious goal of running their entire business on carbon-free energy by 2030.

Supporting the Mesa Community

In addition to clean energy initiatives, Google is also invested in supporting the Mesa community. Their efforts include planting trees and increasing access to higher education.

Google partnered with Mesa’s Shade Tree Program to plant 600 new trees annually through four tree-planting workshops. Planting trees provides shade, reduces home energy bills, supports local food production, and enhances biodiversity.

Furthermore, Google provided $100,000 to support the Mesa College Promise program. This program offers qualified high school students and adult learners free tuition and additional support services for two years at Mesa College.

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Looking Forward

Google’s Mesa data center will be operational in 2025, and their commitment to Arizona extends beyond these initial programs. They plan to continue collaborating with SRP on grid decarbonization, invest in local programs, and contribute to the overall economic development of the area.


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