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Holcim US Accelerates Net Zero Commitments Through Sustainable Vehicles

Holcim US Accelerates Net Zero Commitments Through Sustainable Vehicles

Holcim leverages Hyliion’s innovative electrified powertrain truck platform to decrease use of diesel fuel in Texas

Holcim US announced it is working with Hyliion Holdings to leverage the company’s innovative electrified powertrain truck platform to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and accelerate its commitment to put sustainability at the core of its overall strategy. Each Hyliion electric vehicle is estimated to reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 89% when using renewable natural gas (RNG).

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“This agreement with Hyliion underscores the direction Holcim is taking around the globe to reach our sustainability and environmental goals,” said Jay Moreau, CEO, US ACM, Holcim. “By integrating sustainable technologies like electric vehicles into our operations, such as those of Hyliion, we are able to build on our promise of making greener cities, reducing emissions and driving the circular economy.”

Holcim has commissioned ten Hypertruck ERX units with plans to evaluate actual efficiencies and potential fleet expansion in the future. Hyliion’s Hypertruck ERX is a fully-electric drive vehicle that uses an onboard generator to charge the batteries, which eliminates the use of diesel fuel.

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Its system is designed to enable commercial transportation that achieves net-carbon-negative emissions, aligning with Holcim’s commitment to net-zero operations. The trucks will replace existing diesel fuel vehicles supporting cement and concrete operations in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as for the transport of roofing materials.

“As a leader in building materials in the US and globally, Holcim’s latest sustainability efforts showcase its leadership and determination to move the needle in the global effort to fight climate change,” said Thomas Healy, CEO at Hyliion. “Hyliion is happy to have its transportation solutions support those looking to go the extra mile in pursuing more environmentally conscious operations.”

This purchase agreement serves as another example of how Holcim US is working to accelerate the transition to net zero – from offering low carbon cements and concretes to innovative carbon capture research.

Source: Holcim


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