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IFCO Introduces Dora: The Game-Changing Reusable Plastic Pallet

IFCO Introduces Dora: The Game-Changing Reusable Plastic Pallet

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Key Impact Points:

  • IFCO debuts Dora, a game-changing reusable plastic pallet, boosting efficiency and sustainability across the fresh grocery supply chain.
  • Dora cuts transportation costs by 25% due to its lightweight design and integrates seamlessly with existing logistics systems.
  • Hygiene wins out: Dora’s smooth surface and cleanable material offer superior protection for fresh food compared to wood pallets.
  • Built to last and good for the planet: Dora boasts 10x reusability and full recyclability within IFCO’s circular model.

IFCO, the world’s leading provider of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), announced the launch of Dora, a revolutionary reusable Plastic Pallet, across Europe.

Purpose-designed for RPC compatibility and available through IFCO’s circular model pooling system, Dora fits seamlessly into existing fresh grocery supply chain operations, which secures long-term higher logistics efficiency and sustainability gains for suppliers and retailers alike.

The IFCO Plastic Pallet increases efficiency and safety in critical areas across transportation and handling. As Dora is over 25% lighter than conventional wood pallets, transportation costs are significantly reduced.

The new IFCO Plastic Pallet key features include:

Anti-slip surfaces and runners on three skids to improve ease and safety of operation, particularly in warehouse stacking

Steel reinforcements along the longer sides, rating Dora for dynamic loads up to 1,250kg

Uniform dimensions of 1,200 x 800 x 150 mm in line with conventional Euro pallets, making it compatible with current processes and existing automated logistics systems

GRAI codes, helping identify bottlenecks and boost supply chain transparency, and improve trackability and traceability of fresh products along the entire supply chain

Michael Pooley, CEO at IFCO, highlights the many advantages of the brand-new IFCO Plastic Pallet. “As Dora is fully integrated into our pooling system, our customers benefit from our comprehensive services and highly consistent pallet quality and dimensions. They therefore avoid the time-consuming issues typically associated with conventional pallet exchange systems,” says Pooley.

Our reusable Plastic Pallets are the ideal base in automated logistics systems. The result is a smoother, faster supply chain flow.” – Michael Pooley, CEO at IFCO

IFCO Plastic Pallet

Hygiene at the core: Dora Plastic Pallet safeguards freshness in transit

Made from 100% high-quality HDPE, Dora is robust and durable as well as moisture-resistant and washable, making it the considerably more sustainable and hygienic choice for transporting fresh products. The Dora Plastic Pallet has a smooth, rounded surface and edges. Consequently, there is no danger of splinters, nails or other defects endangering workers or damaging fresh products. In contrast to wood pallets, which have an average damage rate of 25%, the rate for the IFCO Plastic Pallet is less than 1%. And any damaged or broken IFCO Plastic Pallets are fully recycled within the IFCO pooling system. Dora can also be reused up to 10 times more than conventional wood pallets.

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Inigo Canalejo, Vice President ESG and Strategic Marketing at IFCO, is especially proud of the circular model behind the brand-new IFCO Plastic Pallet. “By bringing our circular business model to the world of pallets, we are modernizing a long-neglected part of the fresh grocery supply chain. We’re proud to be disrupting the status quo. It’s high time for a superior, sustainable and cost-competitive solution. Our Dora Plastic Pallet is built to last.


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