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Ingrid Vanderbilt Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas


Ingrid Vanderbilt Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas


Ingrid Vanderbilt, Founder, EBW Worldwide (00:00):

My name is Ingrid Vanderbilt, and I’m the founder and CEO of Empowering A Billion women worldwide. The panel that I just did was all about supply chain and leveling the playing field. And it was just an awesome conversation with Sean co. Uh, the two of us were talking about some of the transformations that are happening in the supply chain, especially since COVID. And the perspective that I was really bringing to the table was part of the solution of solving the breakage in the supply chain that the world experienced during COVID was actually the number of women as suppliers that entered that supply chain. What’s really neat in talking with Sean about that was now when you have enterprises or investors who are saying, we wanna connect with these women and these women could be in any place around the globe, how do we do that in a way that we can verify and validate that this person is exactly who they say they are, or this transaction is what we think it is. How do we do that? And his technology helps make that happen on the blockchain. So for those who wanna learn more about the work that we’re doing, they can come to EBWworldwide.com and we would love to have you come and visit us. Thank you. My name is Ingrid Vanderbilt. I’m the founder and CEO of EBW worldwide. And you are watching ESG news.

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