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Intuitive MB Announces U.S. Launch of Smart Hospitals Platform

Intuitive MB Announces U.S. Launch of Smart Hospitals Platform

After nearly a year of research, customization, and testing for the U.S. healthcare market, Intuitive MB (Intuitive Medical Buildings) announced today the release of its medical building operating system, which uses Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning technologies to create “smart” hospitals and medical office buildings.

Based on software developed in Europe and currently used in commercial real estate and healthcare organizations across multiple countries, the system allows any medical building–old or new–to become “Smart Ready” in approximately four weeks.

The Intuitive MB Solution, powered by KTERIO, is a disruptive technology that creates significant energy and maintenance savings of approximately 20-30% annually. In addition to helping realize these operational savings, Intuitive MB also helps healthcare facilities develop and maintain environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies that are critical for forward-looking businesses focused on being responsible corporate citizens. 

“After closely following the results this operating system is achieving within commercial real estate, we are excited to bring this unique technology to healthcare providers, seamlessly integrating disparate systems into one smart, intuitive interface,” said Intuitive MB Chief Executive Officer Steve Simpson. “The technology is already proving it can make meaningful differences for healthcare facilities focused on innovative strategies and ESG to make the best use of resources as a way to improve overall patient care.”

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The Intuitive MB operating system includes the development of a secure facilities management ecosystem with 24/7/365 service center monitoring. The company’s proprietary monitoring technology is always connected, giving real-time insight and support to the facilities management team for better overall building operations. Intuitive MB is data-driven, product-agnostic, and provides customizable desktop and mobile dashboards in real-time. In addition to helping medical buildings meet growing ESG requirements, the operating system also identifies and addresses a variety of compliance regulations such as ASHRAE 170, The Joint Commission (TJC), Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), and Det Norske Veritas Healthcare (DNV).

Intuitive MB has formed a strategic partnership with Realty Trust Group (RTG) and PYA, two affiliated firms working together for decades in service to healthcare organizations across the country, from large health systems and academic medical centers to small practices, clinics, and ambulatory care centers.

Perspectives from PYA and RTG on the affiliation with Intuitive MB:

“We are excited to offer this advanced technology to our healthcare clients. This will be impactful to their ESG initiatives, and will greatly assist with reducing the cost of healthcare for all of us.”
-Marty Brown, CEO, PYA

“Healthcare has a critical need to find cost savings, and regulatory compliance requires constant vigilance. We are pleased to introduce this new technology to our clients involved in the delivery of healthcare across the country.”
-Greg Gheen, President, RTG

Real estate is one of the top expenses for healthcare providers. It affects nearly every significant decision–market expansion, facility development, cost reduction, regulatory compliance, and more. When viewed as a cost, real estate can be a barrier to strategy, but when leveraged as a strategic asset, it can be a catalyst for growth. The PYA/RTG relationship grew from an acknowledgment that clients were not being fully served without counsel in this critical area. For 24 years, PYA and RTG have served as a single enterprise, working in tandem to help clients across the country manage the complicated and constantly changing healthcare real estate industry.

Source: Intuitive MB


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