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Investa Announces WELL Portfolio Rating Achievement Award

Investa Announces WELL Portfolio Rating Achievement Award

Investa was honoured to receive a WELL Portfolio Achievement Award by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) in recognition of our leadership position on the WELL Health-Safety Rating last Friday.

This comes off the back of securing WELL Portfolio Ratings across the Investa Commercial Property Fund (ICPF) and Oxford Investa Property Partners (OIPP) office portfolios, putting Investa among the first organisations globally to achieve a WELL Portfolio Score.

A milestone double achievement for Investa, the award and portfolio ratings demonstrate our continued commitment to the health and wellbeing of our building occupants. The achievement ranks OIPP and ICPF, on a global scale as second and third respectively for this portfolio-wide accreditation.

“The WELL Portfolio achievement and award is a significant accomplishment for Investa, and we are delighted to show our commitment to building and occupant health and wellbeing through this globally recognised tool” said Megan Francis, Business Project Manager – Real Estate Operations.

“We’ve seen an increase in tenant demand for WELL certifications and we’re proud to continue to offer this to our occupants for both new and existing assets” she said.

Investa was awarded the WELL Portfolio Rating after a successful review by the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) confirming it had met the feature specific intents and requirements across the ten concepts. ICPF and OIPP both achieved the highest global portfolio scores in the concepts of Movement and Community.

“These achievements represent our commitment to the well-being of those who work and visit our buildings. Creating workplaces that enable people to thrive and be their best is at the heart of our strategy,” said Brendan Looby, ICPF Fund Manager.

“Key to our purpose is to maximise the value of workplaces for our tenants, investors and broader community – being globally recognised as a leader in WELL standards across the OIPP portfolio is an achievement to be proud of,” said Nicole Quagliata, OIPP Fund Manager.

“IWBI has experienced exponential growth over the past year, with organizations and industry leaders adopting WELL strategies to demonstrate a commitment to people-first places and an increasing prioritization of well-being,” said IWBI President and CEO Rachel Hodgdon.

“Through continuous advocacy, engagement and leadership, these award recipients have played an influential role in this growth globally and within their local communities,” she said.

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WELL Portfolio is a cost-effective and scalable approach to using WELL, which allows organizations to measure and improve health and well-being across their entire real estate portfolio. The 2021 award winners, including WELL Faculty and WELL Accredited Professionals, have influenced WELL’s progress through action, feedback, and proactive support. IWBI’s WELL programs, including the WELL Building Standard, the WELL Health-Safety Rating and WELL Portfolio, now collectively span over three billion square feet across 98 countries.

These are two of several WELL recognitions for Investa in recent times.

Source: Investa


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