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J.P. Morgan Launches Sustainable Investment Data Solutions for Institutional Investors

J.P. Morgan Launches Sustainable Investment Data Solutions for Institutional Investors

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J.P. Morgan Securities Services announced the launch of its Sustainable Investment Data Solutions for institutional investors, available through Fusion by J.P. Morgan. The solution will enable investors to readily extract value from sustainable investment data supplied by providers through technology-enabled normalization, management, calculation, and screening capabilities.

By partnering with leading data providers including Bloomberg, Equileap, FactSet, ISS ESG, MSCI, RepRisk, Revelio Labs, S&P Global, and Sustainalytics, Fusion has reimagined the sustainable investment process delivering a highly differentiated and cost-effective solution for investors. Fusion’s Sustainable Investment Data Solutions provide quick and seamless access to normalized data across providers while offering investors the flexibility to manage, screen, and create customized metrics with easy-to-use tools. Fusion accelerates the ability for investors to perform analysis, scoring, stock-selection, compliance monitoring, and reporting.

Gerard Francis, Head of Data Solutions, J.P. Morgan, said:

“Data for sustainable investing is particularly challenging given its scale, inconsistency, and incompleteness. We are pleased to work with our providers to deliver a unique and transformative solution for investors. Fusion combines data, technology, and service at scale, to enable investors to extract value in minutes instead of months.”

Eric Moen, Head of ESG and Climate, MSCI, said:

“We are excited to collaborate with J.P. Morgan and have our data products available to clients via Fusion. This provides an opportunity to make our data more easily accessible to sustainable investors.”

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Simon MacMahon, Global Head of ESG Products and Research, Morningstar Sustainalytics, said:

“We are pleased to support J.P. Morgan’s commitment to providing investors with high-quality sustainable investment data via Fusion. With access to industry-leading datasets, including Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings and Low Carbon Transition Ratings, clients can address their most relevant investment risk considerations.”

Key Capabilities of Sustainable Investment Data Solutions:

  • Consistency: Fusion supports sustainable investment data cross-compatibility across providers. Data is enriched with common identifiers and delivered in standardized formats to allow easy joining between datasets.
  • Multi-hierarchy support: Investors can load and manage multiple company hierarchies. They can define their data propagation rules, which are used to generate new datasets.
  • Custom screening criteria: Investors can create and manage the inclusion and exclusion criteria for their investable universes. They can run screens on pre-defined schedules.
  • Metric calculation: Investors can calculate customized metrics which are then made available for hierarchy propagation and screening.

Investors can experience Sustainable Investment Data Solutions today via the Fusion website.


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