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Sempra Announces 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

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Sempra Announces 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

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  • Highlighting sustainable business practices
  • Outlining alignment with relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Updating progress on environmental, social and governance practices

Sempra released its 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report highlighting the company’s sustainable business practices in support of its five-year, $36 billion capital plan to advance new investments in critical energy infrastructure.

“As the owner and operator of one of North America’s largest energy networks, we have a critical role to play in advancing energy security, future economic growth and the development of a lower-carbon society,” said Jeffrey W. Martin, chairman and chief executive officer of Sempra. “This is why our corporate strategy is centered on sustainability, with an unwavering focus on safety, resilience, energy security and climate security, as we help build a healthy economy and better quality of life for those we serve.”

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In addition to providing important updates on the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities, the 2021 report illustrates Sempra’s commitment to sustainable business practices, including how the company is taking steps to:

  • Align its portfolio with long-term macroeconomic, market and policy trends.
  • Strengthen operational excellence by enhancing safety, climate resilience and affordability.
  • Capture new opportunities and activate new value streams through investments in infrastructure to support increasingly diversified and cleaner forms of energy.

The report also outlines Sempra’s key sustainability pillars and their alignment with relevant United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the report highlights how Sempra is expanding new ESG financing opportunities through its Sustainable Financing Framework, launched in 2021. The framework outlines the parameters under which the company and its California utilities invest in sustainable projects that are aligned with its business and ESG strategy.

View the full report at: sempra.com/sustainability/sustainability-report.  

“Sempra’s focus on sustainability is central to our strategy, capital allocation and sustained performance,” said Lisa Alexander, senior vice president of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer at Sempra. “Throughout our report, you will see examples of our sustainable business practices, including our proactive management of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities to drive improvements across a variety of performance criteria. Taken together, these efforts benefit all our various stakeholders with the view toward creating sustainable, long-term value for our shareholders.”

Sempra’s sustainability strategy relies on transparent, two-way communication with stakeholders to seek input and guidance and, in turn, help stakeholders understand how the company continues to improve its business operations. The company’s three growth platforms — Sempra California, Sempra Texas and Sempra Infrastructure — are well-positioned to play a critical role in delivering lower and zero-carbon energy and sustainable, long-term value for the company’s shareholders and other stakeholders.

Source: Sempra

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