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ShelterZoom Launches “1REport”, New Turnkey Blockchain-Based Real Estate Listing and Marketing Solution

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ShelterZoom releases Blockchain-based SaaS marketing tools for mining leads, expanding an existing client base and generating new revenue streams

1REport, an innovative application providing real estate agents a new way to list a property, win listings, own leads and increase revenue was released today by ShelterZoom, provider of blockchain-based smart document management solutions. The flexibility of 1REport means it can be used for any industry but ShelterZoom’s depth of real estate experience combined with the tough conditions of the post-pandemic housing market led ShelterZoom to roll out 1REport with a special focus on 1REport’s ability to support real estate agents and brokers in a more comprehensive manner than any digital tool on the market today.

Built on DocuWalk’s proprietary blockchain technology, 1REport’s QR code directs leads to the owner of each 1REport smart document so creators can have greater control over the lead generation process and can engage with their prospects immediately. ShelterZoom never sells or shares leads with other parties so creators will always ‘own their leads’ with 1REport.

“Agents need a way to stay competitive in the digital era, especially now that so much more of a real estate transaction takes place online,” said ShelterZoom Co-Founder, Allen Alishahi. “As a real estate broker I have seen firsthand the challenges our industry is up against, which include erosion of trust and control, so I helped develop 1REport to address several of them headon.”

An additional advantage of 1REport is the ability to create dynamic marketing materials that are easy to customize and adapt to the changing needs of clientele. By not being restricted to the predetermined templates of 3rd-party e-commerce sites, businesses of any size, from sole proprietors to large-scale organizations, can expand their potential client base and attract clients best suited to their goods and services.

“I used 1REport for my latest listing and loved 1REport QR,” said Brittany Carney, REALTOR® with the Florida-based Cindy Gavin Team at RE/MAX. “I had it printed on multiple signs and the marketing brochure. The buyers were able to view the survey report and bills in 1REport through the QR code. By using a product like 1REport I also show potential clients that I’m digitally savvy and ready to do business at whatever level of technical support they need.”

“I’m excited to finally use a QR code that gives me my leads and I don’t have to worry about another agent buying them,” said Linda Moccia, a real estate agent with Ditommaso Real Estate of New York. “Agents put enormous effort into getting leads, we should be able to have control over what comes our way.”

Since 1REport exists within the DocuWalk platform, users can swiftly transition from the marketing firepower of 1REport to the rest of the document and contract management features on the blockchain-powered platform. From creating contracts and documents all the way through to real-time negotiation and e-signatures, the entire transaction process can be managed from start to finish.

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