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SuperFoodz Announces $18 Million Presale Event for Food Giving Utility Token to support SDG #2

SuperFoodz Announces $18 Million Presale Event for Food Giving Utility Token to support SDG #2

40% of token proceeds to be donated in food quantities to in-need NGOs, non-profits and charitable initiatives through Tokenization, NFTs and a P2E game.

SuperFoodz.io debuts the highly anticipated and widely-discussed crypto food giving utility token presale.  The “blockchain for good” project looks to shake up the blockchain universe by giving food support to those suffering from food insecurity around the world with needed and timely food donations. Visit Superfoodz.io for discounted SF token details.

Referenced in the SuperFoodz whitepaper, the ERC-20 SuperFoodz SF Token is a Polygon layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain.  The Polygon network gives SuperFoodz SF Token Holders exceedingly faster transfer speeds and significantly lower gas fees than the Ethereum network.  SF is crucial to how SuperFoodz performs global food donations, used to purchase NFTs, critical to play the SuperFoodz P2E game, and for VIP access to the VegeVerse entertainment & performances.

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SuperFoodz partners with local community charities and school systems to bring them proper nutritional support.  SuperFoodz, a leading Web3 social impact company, aims to solve world hunger and UN SDG #2 with blockchain.

Early investors can now buy discounted SF Tokens through the ongoing presale priced at just $0.18 @ SuperFoodz.io/BuySuperFoodz. Look out for special giveaways and airdrops during the presale.  The initial exchange offering will follow soon after the presale event. 

A company spokesperson commented; “SuperFoodz urges the cryptocurrency community to transcend purely speculative projects and adapt blockchain technology for humanitarian causes, ultimately broadening the boundaries of traditional cryptocurrency utility.”


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