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The Duckhorn Portfolio Publishes its FY22 Responsibility and Sustainability Report

The Duckhorn Portfolio Publishes its FY22 Responsibility and Sustainability Report

The Duckhorn Portfolio, Inc. (NYSE: NAPA), North America’s premier luxury wine company, released its second annual FY22 Responsibility and Sustainability Report. This ESG Report, prepared by Duckhorn’s leadership team and its internal ESG Team, with oversight by its Board of Directors, discusses the Company’s commitment to enhancing its stewardship of the land, championing its employees and communities in new ways and reinforcing its focus on responsive and transparent corporate governance.

Duckhorn’s 2022 Responsibility and Sustainability Report can be found here.

“Our commitment to excellence weaves its way into many parts of our business, from how we sustainably grow our grapes in a climatically challenged environment to how we support our employees and colleagues,” said Alex Ryan, Duckhorn’s President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. “Last year, in our inaugural Sustainability and Responsibility Report, I stressed the importance of quantifying our Company’s environmental and social impact as an integral first step towards creating performance benchmarks and making positive, evergreen changes for our business and surrounding communities. This year, we showcase that impact, offering selected datasets to highlight the concrete way Duckhorn elevates its employees and the industry and supports a healthy planet.”

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“I am honored to be a part of the ESG Team and to help draft this second Sustainability and Responsibility Report. Many of the disclosures in this year’s report align with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) framework, which we hope will allow us and our stakeholders to track our progress in our ESG initiatives in the coming years,” said Sean Sullivan, Duckhorn’s Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Legal Officer, who leads the ESG Team at the Company. “We are proud to have included a number of metrics in the appendix of the report in line with the material metrics recommended by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) in the industry for Alcoholic Beverages and Agricultural Products.”

The Duckhorn ESG Report highlights the Company’s commitment to quality, diversity, equity and inclusion, integrity, innovation and environmental sustainability, including water conservation, enhanced employee health and safety, ethical business practices, data privacy and enterprise risk management.

Key highlights include:

  • Environmental: For the first time, we piloted a third-party verified Carbon Offset Program for the international transport emissions associated with Kosta Browne’s Burgundy Series wines. Given our focus on land stewardship, our Carbon Offset Program will support the restoration of the old-growth Klamath National Forest.
  • Social: Our investments in our employees have yielded numerous continued successes in FY22; the current retention rate at our Waterfowl Winery—our largest facility—was 99%. We hosted more than 150 safety tailgates across all properties and saw increased participation in our tuition reimbursement program. Additionally, 56% of our leadership positions were held by women, reflecting our Company’s overall gender parity.
  • Governance: In our second year as a public company, we have sought to further formalize our processes with respect to oversight of company risk. The Board and its committees oversee Duckhorn’s strategic and financial planning with specific execution led by the management team according to the relevant functional area. We are constantly working to standardize and improve frameworks for identifying, monitoring and mitigating risk.

Source: The Duckhorn Portfolio, Inc


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